The 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR)

Wednesday February 8, 2006

The QDR report emphasizes that the United States must continue to adjust to an era of uncertainty and non-traditional, asymmetric challenges.

- While traditional threats remain, we also face the threats of 'irregular' challenges such as terrorism; 'catastrophic' challenges such as the pursuit and use of weapons of mass destruction or attacks such as Pearl Harbor or 9-11; and 'disruptive' challenges to counter our military advantages that would neutralize the military as a key instrument of national power.

- We are changing from our Cold War construct - shifting away from a garrisoned military focused on size, predictability and mass to become a global expeditionary force that has the speed, agility and lethality to respond to discrete tasks.

The Department of Defense recognizes that it cannot prevail in the long war alone.

- The Department must work with interagency partners to build national unity of effort to face today's complex security challenges.

- Likewise, the United States must help international partners build their own capacity for effective governance and develop mechanisms to share the risks and responsibilities of common 21st century challenges.

The fiscal year 2007 budget will be aligned with QDR priorities, but the budgets in fiscal year 2008 and beyond will more fully reflect programmatic changes in the QDR.


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This is the first such assessment conducted during a time of war, a war that is perhaps unprecedented in it complexity. It builds on several years of momentous change and on the lessons learned during the past four years of the global war on terror, peacekeeping operations, and yes, also several important humanitarian relief activities. These experiences highlighted the importance of building the capacity of partner states, other nations, friendly nations that are willing to help, and recognizing potential threats early and taking prompt measures to prevent problems from becoming conflicts or crises.
(Source:Pentagon Briefing, Feb. 1, 2006)

Donald H. Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


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