African Americans in the U.S. Army Web Special

Friday February 3, 2006

During February, the Army celebrates and pays tribute to African-American Soldiers and recognizes the important contributions they have made in past wars and are continuing to make today in the Global War on Terrorism.

Throughout America's history, from the Battle of Lexington to the Battle for Fallujah, black Soldiers have honorably answered the Call to Duty, serving with great valor and distinction in America's armed forces.

The theme selected by Department of Defense for 2006 is "Celebrating Community, A Tribute to Black Fraternal, Social, and Civic Institutions" .

You can see the web special on the Army Homepage at .

Included in the web special are:

- Timelines: Notable achievements and events for African Americans from the American Revolution to the Viet Nam War are covered.

- Profiles of Bravery: William H. Carney, the first African American to receive the Medal of Honor.
Cathay Williams, first African American woman to enlist in the U.S. Army and many more amazing profiles.

- Resources: Videos, posters and related links, including Colin Powell and General Johnny Wilson.


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  • U.S. Army says '50 Percent' of casualties in Iraq are civilian (AHN)
  • Judge said Army or jail, but military doesn't want him (SS)
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  • Troop reduction may wait due to delays in government (MH | EB)
  • U.S. contractor pleads guilty to Iraq bribe scheme (YN)
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  • Taliban resort to suicide bomb attacks (CSM)
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  • Bush to request $120B more for war funding (ABC News)
  • National Guard to undergo reorganization (NPR)
  • Editorial: 'A forecast for the Middle East: Very, very cloudy' (TS)
  • Cartoonist helps troops, Fisher House (AFIS)
  • Afghans, U.S. troops battle insurgents (TT)
  • Islam cartoon fury grows (MSNBC)
  • Musharraf on how to win the war on terror (NEWSWEEK)
  • Military denounces newspaper for Cartoon (AJC)


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Shootout- Battlecry Iraq: Ramadi on The History Channel, Tuesday, February 7 at 6pm ET/PT

"Today we are going to kill Americans." That was the warning to shopkeepers in Ramadi's marketplace on April 6, 2004. Insurgents meant what they said. They intended to harm any and all members of Echo Company--part of the Second Battalion of the 4th Marine Regiment. Ramadi, a Sunni stronghold and former Saddam power base in the Anbar province, is one of the most dangerous places in Iraq. Resistance there is fierce. "The Magnificent Bastards" as the 2-4 is called, bore the brunt of hatred and rage as they were ambushed in a well-planned attack. We chronicle the 2-4's struggle for survival while under fire--everywhere and all at once--from an enemy that couldn't be seen. AK-47s, machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades exploded all around. About 50 insurgents positioned themselves on the roofs of one-story buildings and in between market stalls. The next week-and-a-half would be bloody and deadly.


As sentinels of the past, we carry a unique understanding and appreciation for the lessons of history- lessons that need repeating- of African Americans who have worn this nation's uniform and served with distinction at home and abroad. As scouts for the future, we are also proud to inherit an institution that for over half a century has been a pioneer for equal opportunity and which today is a beacon to America as the most integrated institution in the nation.

Donald H. Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


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