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Wednesday January 18, 2006

The U.S. Combat Readiness Center (CRC) has a series of CRC Safety Poster on their website to highlight the critical importance of safety consciousness for Soldiers.

As the Combat Readiness Center (CRC) continues to serve as a knowledge center for loss across the Army and study deaths to determine root causes, the following trends emerge:

1.) Junior leaders are the ones making decisions "where the rubber meets the road" that determine safe execution or unnecessary loss.

2.) Failure to apply and enforce the most basic standards and indiscipline is killing Soldiers.

The most disturbing trend is an increase in leaders involved in accidents. The same leaders who should be enforcing standards and mitigating risk are the ones having the accidents. In FY05, 33% of the Soldiers killed in POV accidents were in the rank of E5 to E7. Historically, the highest risk age group was 18-24 years old. Now, all age groups under 40 share the same death rate per 1,000 Soldiers.

Every Wednesday, Stand-To! will feature some aspect of safety awareness. Included will be messages and important information which will be a valuable resource. Stay tuned to see more articles and links regarding safety, awareness and guidelines.

Combat Readiness Center- Improving Combat Readiness... One Bootprint at a Time.


Modern Marvels - Battle Gear on The History Channel , Thursday, January 19 at 7:00pm EST.

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  • U.S. Journalist Shown As Hostage (WP | EB)
  • On Iran, West looks for a Plan B (CSM)
  • Sharon has surgery for new breathing tube (LA Daily News)
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  • Saudi efforts to settle the Syrian- Lebanese crisis (Arabic News)
  • North Korea's Kim vows to advance nuclear talks in China (Kerala)
  • Russia security services suppress several intl terror organitions (ITAR / TASS)
  • Leo Blair kidnap plot foiled (Evening Standard)
  • UN peacekeepers confront Ivorians (BBC)
  • The pope and the Koran (Jerusalem Post)
  • Selling panic closes Tokyo market (BBC)
  • U.S. Dangerous Move to Implement Its Nuclear War Scenario Blasted (DPRK News Service)

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