Operations Security (OPSEC)and Internet Safety

Wednesday December 28, 2005

There are new OPSEC guidelines which have been put forth by DoD and the Army regarding internet safety. Whether it is a family web page or a personal blog, safety and security measures must be strictly observed. Sensitive DoD information must not be divulged to the public at large for national security reasons.

Below are some facts regarding security and important links to sites which provide valuable and timely information regarding this important topic.

- If you have any questions or concerns regarding the posting or dissemination of certain information, do not hesitate to contact your security or OPSEC manager.

- Photography is prohibited in most DoD facilities. Do NOT post any photographs on any websites.

- Be careful never to divulge information regarding official DoD information.

- Even if DoD information is unclassified it may not be appropriate for use of the web.

- Do not give information regarding the job you do for DoD.

- Log on to AKO to see an important message from the Chief of Staff of the Army regarding OPSEC Security.

Source: The Pentagon OPSEC Working Group


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Mail Call on the History Channel - Tuesday, January 3 @ 8:30pm ET/PT.

Mail Call devotes an entire show to the gear and guys of "Easy Company"--the men depicted in Band of Brothers. Shot in a "You Are There" style, R. Lee Ermey hosts in a vintage jumpsuit, supported by a team of paratrooper reenactors using and demonstrating the real gear, weapons, and medical evac used during the Invasion of Normandy and through to the end of WWII.


Some soldiers continue to post sensitive information on the Internet and especially on their Web logs or online diaries.
Such OPSEC violations needlessly place lives at risk and degrade the effectiveness of our operations.

Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker
Chief of Staff of the United States Army

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