Freedom Team Salute (FTS)

Tuesday December 27, 2005

Freedom Team Salute (FTS) recognizes and honors those who answered the "Call to Duty." This includes all Army veterans and those who support today's Soldiers: spouses, parents, and, for Guard and Reserve Soldiers, their civilian employers.

- The nomination process is simple, and those nominated receive a letter and certificate signed by the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army, an official Army lapel pin, and Army decal. For more information, log onto .

- FTS has recognized more than 325,000 Army veterans and supporters since the program's launch 2 May 2005. FTS staff is currently processing more than 600,000 additional commendations.

- FTS Commendations are an especially appropriate way to recognize retiring Soldiers as Army veterans. To incorporate FTS into retirement ceremonies, submit nominations online at least eight (8) weeks in advance.

- FTS provides multiple benefits to the Army itself, providing a vehicle to:

1. Strengthen the relationship between Soldiers and their support networks.

2. Connect with Army veterans, encouraging them to tell their Army story.

- Soldiers' ability to accomplish the mission depends on a strong support network. Freedom Team Salute allows Soldiers to recognize and honor those who support them.

- FTS allows anyone to recognize and honor Army veterans for their dedicated service and continued support of today's Soldiers.

- Employers of National Guard and Reserve Soldiers make sacrifices to allow their colleagues to answer the Call to Duty. FTS recognizes their support as well.

- The program has provided nomination opportunities to tens of thousands of Americans at nearly 30 Army installations, at veteran service organizations' events, and public events.


  • facility set to be dismantled (S&S)
  • USO tour performs at Camp Liberty (ARNEWS)
  • Support Command Focuses on Training Iraqi Logisticians (AFIS)
  • Army World Class Athletes vie for spots on U.S. Olympic Team (ARNEWS)
  • 1st Cav unit to march in Rose Bowl parade (Army Times)


  • Soldier Killed in Attack; Marines Kill Would-be Bomber (AFIS)
  • Terror drill in Boston shows response flaws (USAT)
  • Police, Firefighters, U.S. Soldiers Respond to Baghdad Attacks (AFIS)
  • Iraqi Army in Dire Need of Armored Vehicles (EB | WT)
  • Multiple Blasts: Havoc Returns To Metropolis (EB/LAT)
  • Pace Explains High Re-up Rate Among Deployed Servicemembers (AFIS)
  • One Iraqi Army Unit Really Earning Its Stripes (EB | CT)


  • What the 2006 Defense Authorization Bill Means For You (S&S)
  • Poland closes probe into alleged secret prisons (CST)
  • Saddam Half Brother Says No Deal (FOX News)
  • "Is it Christmas?" -- Finding joy far from home (AJC)
  • Limits placed on cell phone use on Pope AFB; Bragg may follow (FT)
  • Iraq Vote Shows Sunnis Few in New Military (NYT)
  • The Mutating Threat -- U.S. officials worry about a group you've never heard of (USN&WR)


  • Israeli warplanes strike Gaza Strip (
  • Iraqis find "mass grave" near holy city (Reuters)
  • Cross-party MP support for war probe (BBC News)
  • Nuclear clouds gather over Asia-Pacific region (Dawn)
  • Defense Minister Mofaz: No Israeli ground forces in Gaza (JP)
  • Two Aegis ships enough to stop missiles: Defense Agency (Japan Times)
  • Thousands gather on beaches to mourn tsunami anniversary (Guardian)

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In these demanding times, the support of families and employers gives our Soldiers strength and security while they are protecting our Nation. Freedom Team Salute provides Soldiers with an excellent opportunity to salute those at home and to thank them for their continued support and encouragement.

Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker
Chief of Staff of the United States Army


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