New Army Recruiting and Retention School

Friday December 16, 2005

With the ever-challenging mission that faces an Army Recruiter, new changes are here to stay. The Army Recruiting Command has altered its doctrine to place focus on Leadership verse Salesmanship. See Army Recruiting and Retention School website .

- Why Change? - To go from transactional-style salesmanship to counseling-based leadership. The vision for the Army Recruiter in the 21st Century is to be self-aware, adaptive, and creative. To posses these traits, is a true test of leadership. The abilities to Influence, Operate, and Improve are critical to the success of every recruiter. Soldiers will develop and improve these leader actions while assigned to the Army Recruiting Command.

- Teaching new doctrine - The new doctrine was written from cradle-to-implementation in less than 12 months. The recruiting command realized that being a recruiter is more like being a member of an 'A' team, as opposed to being on a 'sales' team. Recruiters must be able to tell an Army Story and be so convincing that the youth of America are willing to serve this great nation.

- The Army Story - Each recruiter is expected to master interviewing techniques (based on Army counseling), show an ability to adapt and apply interpersonal skills to all situations, and finally, gain knowledge, skills, and abilities that will facilitate a successful tour of duty.

- Personal Army Story - Soldiers are expected to use personal stories that are immediately applicable to the situation in which they find themselves. This adaptive use of interpersonal skills and sharing of personal experiences are the keys to the new Army Interview.

See ARNEWS article: News Analysis: Competition heats up for recruiting


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Three wounded Soldiers from Walter Reed Army Medical Center will be given lifetime memberships in the Military Order of the Purple Heart . This recognition ceremony will be held at halftime during the Washington Redskins vs Dallas Cowboys football game Sunday, 18 December, at FedEx Field in Landover, MD. For more information contact: Steven Field at (703) 695-6447.
This game will be broadcast on FOX network . See local listing.


For the first time in our history, we've fought with an all volunteer force. We liberated two nations with a population of 50 million people. Our accomplishments have been staggering.

Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker
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