Army Barracks Modernization Program

Wednesday November 30, 2005

- The Army's Barracks Modernization program combines funding from Military Construction (MILCON) and Operations and Maintenance Army (OMA) dollars to modernize all permanent party Army Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) facilities to the current DoD standard of 1+1 . This is a focused program with a cost of $10B. This program provides upgraded living space quality to current industry standards for the Army's projected 136,000 Soldiers residing in barracks, thereby enhancing both the Army's primary mission, as well as impacting the quality of life. Currently, the Army's barracks modernization program does not include the impacts of IGPBS / AMF / BRAC which will increase barracks requirements by approximately 24,000 Soldiers.

- With funding through FY06, the Army will have funded 85% of its barracks modernization, with the remaining programmed through FY09. Total costs expended through FY06 are $7.1B, with $2.2B programmed through FY09. Additionally, Army training barracks program encompasses $3.4B, of which $1.1B is programmed through FY11. Army Reserve (AT/MOB) barracks modernization program has come online with numerous efforts to standardize an Army Operational Readiness Training Complex (ORTC) encompassing programming construction at thirteen Army Garrisons, for a total of twenty-four complexes.

- The Army program to complete permanent party Barracks Modernization is planned through FY09. In addition, large numbers of new barracks' will be constructed separately under BRAC and various transformation programs (Army Modular Force, IGPBS). Initial Entry Training (IET) and Reserve barracks are also receiving attention during the Army's modernization program. IET barracks impact 81,700 trainees annually. Programming for modernization began in FY02 and 45% of the training barracks are now programmed to be modernized by FY11. Reserve barracks at three Army garrisons received approximately $70M of supplemental funding in FY05, and additional funding is being sought for programming in the out-years.

- Providing quality, safe, and healthy residence is a crucial commitment the Army has made to its Soldiers. The Army owes single Soldiers the same quality residence that has been provided to married Soldiers over the past few years. Modern barracks have been shown to significantly increase Soldiers' morale, therefore, the importance of providing quality and upgraded housing for single Soldiers is paramount to Army success on the Battlefields.


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There is no higher calling than the one that calls us to address the needs of our injured and severely injured Soldiers. The Soldiers we're supporting right now have done more than their share. They have lived the warrior ethos as an oath and as a promise.

Gen. Richard A. Cody
Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army

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