Human Intelligence Revitalization

Monday November 21, 2005

Army intelligence is undergoing a transformation to address emerging nontraditional threats. The Army is engaged against nontraditional adversaries who cannot match its combat power, but who are able to effectively engage our forces using unsophisticated techniques. As such, Cold War paradigms developed for operations conducted during peace and war do not adequately address the current and future complex environments.

The Army HUMINT force, previously focused primarily upon interrogation operations, is transforming into a full-spectrum Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection system, strengthened by an intrinsic understanding of culturally complex environments. This understanding enables the HUMINT system to support friendly force operations more effectively without inadvertently strengthening adversaries' position. HUMINT collection is a decisive force-multiplier because it provides valuable insight into the conduct and intentions of enemy operations.

The HUMINT Collection Operator is equipped with the skill sets and technical capabilities required to operate in today's and tomorrow's hostile environment. He/she will engage in the full range of HUMINT operations, including:
- conducting human source operations (Military Source Operations (MSO));
- interrogating noncooperative sources;
- debriefing cooperative sources;
- exploiting documents, hardware, and other media.

The HUMINT collection system is employing new technologies such as the Biometric Automated Toolset (BAT), which helps track and identify adversaries, and the personal digital assistant (PDA), which allows Soldiers to be constantly connected to the Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC).

HUMINT collectors and their information products are being integrated into a horizontally and vertically assimilated system so information can be exploited by all operational levels.

Source:Institute of Land Warfare
AUSA Torchbearer, June 2005


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