The Army Retirement Service Office

Tuesday November 15, 2005

On November,14th, 2005, the Army Retirement Service Office celebrated 50 years of helping Soldiers and families to retire and continuing to support them in retirement.

Obviously, the Army has been retiring Soldiers for more than 50 years. This anniversary commemorates the significance of the creation of an Army program dedicated to this segment of deserving individuals.

In 1955, the military retired population experienced a surge in growth. Before WWII, there had been about 15,000 Army retirees. After WWII and Korea, that number had jumped to 100,000. In September of 1955, DoD recommended that all Services look into establishing a Retired Activities Branch. That same month, the Army Chief of Staff directed the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel to create a Retired Activities Branch. On November 14th, the Retired Activities Unit was established as part of the Office of the Adjutant General.

- Today, more than a million retired and retiring Soldiers and family members are supported by Army Retirement Services and a network of Retirement Services Officers (RSOs) at major Army installations.

- Army Retirement Services reminds Soldiers and their families that it's never too early to start thinking about retirement. You can plan for retirement as a family by visiting the preretirement section of the Army Retirement Services homepage Army Retirement Services Office Mission and by visiting your RSO (listed on the homepage.)

- Army Retirement Services and RSOs continue to serve those who have served through the HQDA newsletter Army Echoes; the CSA Retiree Council which raises issues affecting retiring and retired Soldiers; annual installation Retiree Appreciation Day events and installation retiree newsletters; and being available on an Army installation to address questions and concerns.

- Retiring and retired Soldiers and families can also turn to the Army Retirement Services-maintained Army Benefits Tool which covers the entire Soldier Life Cycle and is found under My Benefits in Army Knowledge Online .


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