U.S. Army Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)

Monday November 7, 2005

The IRR consists of over 111,000 trained Soldiers who served previously on Active Duty or in the Selected Reserve--such as a member of an Army Reserve unit. These Soldiers may be called upon during a National Emergency to fill the mobilization needs of the Army. Unlike new recruits, these Soldiers are experienced, and can contribute significantly to Army readiness.

- Soldiers may be called upon to fill vacancies in Army Reserve units and may replace Soldiers in Active and Reserve Units.

- IRR members have prior training and experience in active, Guard or Reserve units, but they've been discharged and are no longer serving in military units. However, they have time remaining to fulfill their eight-year total service obligations.

- Some IRR members have volunteered for duty in the war against global terrorism, while others in key military specialties have been called up for continued service.

- IRR Soldiers still advance, compile points and years toward retirement and train annually, although it is not required.

- Since those in the IRR do not belong to any unit, it is up to the individual to complete the correspondence courses required for drill points and find a command that has the money to pay for annual training if they want to accrue points toward retirement.

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ON THE FRONTLINES: AMERICA'S CITIZEN SOLDIERS will air on the History Channel on 10 November, at 10 pm. EST.

This episode includes footage from the 11 September, 2005, CBS interview conducted with LTG Helmly , Chief, Army Reserve, in Freeland, PA at the American Legion/VFW dedication of the Monument to the War on Terror.
Also included, is a dedication to fallen Army Reserve Soldier MSG Paul Karpowich. This episode includes interviews with several Army Reserve Soldiers.


The Individual Ready Reserve is 'a key component' of America's total military force. The IRR presents a valuable pool of trained military manpower for the nation.

Dr. David S.C.Chu
Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness


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