The National Security Personnel System (NSPS)

Tuesday November 1, 2005

DoD has reached a significant milestone in the NSPS implementation process. DoD and OPM have notified Congress of the results of the meet and confer process and provisions of the final enabling regulations. The regulations can be viewed on the NSPS Web site , and are expected to be posted to the Federal Register by November 1, 2005.

- The regulations will become effective no sooner than 30 days after publication in the Federal Register. During this time, DoD will begin the continuing collaboration process with the unions on implementing issuances for NSPS.

- NSPS provides DoD with a modern, flexible and agile human resources system that can be more responsive to the national security environment, while preserving protections and benefits.

- DoD will implement NSPS in phases, called spirals. This spiral approach will be used to phase in the remainder of the eligible DoD and Army workforce over the subsequent two to three years, upgrading and improving NSPS as we go forward. The Labor Relations system will be effective for all bargaining unit employees soon after the effective date of the regulations.

- Training is a critical part of the successful implementation and transition to NSPS. NSPS training will be available to all civilian employees and supervisors, along with military supervisors of civilians, to ensure an appropriate understanding of the system and roles.

For further information and updates, please visit the NSPS website at .



Yesterday in the WAR ON TERROR NEWS section, there was an error in the wording for the article from the Early Bird and Washington Times regarding Iraqi militia ID cards. The word Military should have read Militia .


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The National Security Personnel System is the biggest change to the civilian personnel system in decades. NSPS is an important part of Army transformation for its civilian employees. Managers, supervisors and employees need to be proactive in learning NSPS and the changes to policies and procedures. Your support and understanding are critical to the successful implementation of NSPS.

Ms. Melinda McMillon Darby
Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel
Army Civilian Personnel Web site


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