Wednesday October 19, 2005

The Human Resources Command (HRC) mission is to ensure the full spectrum of human resources programs, services and systems are executed to support the readiness and well-being of Army personnel worldwide.

- HRC is a result of the Army leadership's vision to streamline headquarters, create more agile and responsive staffs, reduce layers of review and approval, focus on mission and transform the Army. The command combined the former U.S. Total Army Personnel Command and the U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Command. HRC's activation was the first step in consolidating personnel services throughout the Army.

- As a field operating agency under the Army's G-1, HRC is at the center of the Army's initiative to mold personnel functions into an integrated structure, enabling efficient and effective management of active-duty and Army Reserve Soldiers worldwide.

- HRC integrates and coordinates military personnel systems to develop and optimize utilization of the Army's human resources supporting a nation at war. HRC also performs all personnel-management functions for the distribution, development, retention and transition of active-duty Soldiers, mobilized reserve component Soldiers and those on extended tours of active duty, temporary tours of active duty or retired recalled to active duty.

- In addition to the services offered by the Officer and Enlisted Personnel Directorates, The Army's Adjutant General (TAG) also falls under HRC's domain. The Adjutant General Directorate's mission is to provide dynamic human resource and administrative programs for America's Army to promote readiness and soldier well-being. TAG is responsible for a multitude of services to the Army, to include the operation of the Education Division, the Field Systems Division, the Management Support Division, the Personnel Service Support Division, the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operation Division, the Field Operating Agencies of the Military Postal Service Agency, the U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency, and the Records Management and Declassification Agency.

- HRC manages and directs the Army's personnel systems and human resources critical to serving an Army at War and transforming.

- Brig. Gen. Rhett A. Hernandez became the second commander of HRC in July 2005. CG's Values and Expectations letter to the field and his command is on HRC's web: Commander's Message

- Headquarters: Alexandria, VA
Other locations: Locations in MD; DC; Atlanta; Indianapolis; St. Louis; Hawaii; Fort Meade; Fort Jackson; Fort Sam Houston; Fort Leonard Wood; and Fort Lewis.

- Active Soldier Contact Information:
HRC Alexandria
HRC Indianapolis, Enlisted Records and Evaluations Center (EREC)

- Reserve Soldier Contact Information:
HRC St. Louis

Source: HRC Homepage


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We know Soldiers are the centerpiece of our Army. Success in this enduring fight depends on them. They require us to provide the world-class human resource support they deserve. Our mission is essential. We will continue to support the Army's ability to grow and develop leaders, and to provide relevant and ready forces for our combatant commands.

Brigadier General Rhett A. Hernandez
HRC Commanding General

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