Thursday October 13, 2005

The Army launched eArmyU in 2001 to offer eligible Soldiers the opportunity to work toward a college degree or certificate online. The program began with selected installations and was expanded Army-wide in 2005. To date, more than 60,000 Soldiers have taken courses from 29 regionally-accredited colleges and universities. What is eArmyU?

- State-of-the-art distance learning through eArmyU.com.

- Unparalleled selection of transferable certificate and degree programs.

- 100% Tuition Assistance for tuition, fees, and books up to the established semester hour cap and tuition ceiling.

- Global 24/7 accessibility through www.eArmyU.com.

- Academic mentoring and credit for prior training and education.

- Virtual doorway to support services and interactive learning resources.

All Regular Army Soldiers are required to have Army Continuing Education System (ACES) Counselor as well as Commander approval and follow the documentation and timeline procedures for processing of the eArmyU Participation Agreement which must be returned within 30 days of issuance. Eligibility information is located on the eArmyU Home Page at www.eArmyU.com under "View Eligibility Checklist" and in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). earmyu.com

eArmyU provides Soldier-students an e-learning opportunity with unparalleled access and flexibility to reach their postsecondary educational goals. Students may select from 147 certificate or degree programs from a home institution while taking courses across 29 regionally-accredited, eArmyU-participating colleges and universities.

eArmyU is the next big leap in Army Education since the Montgomery G.I. Bill and serves as a comprehensive opportunity through which today's Soldiers can achieve their educational goals.

Effective 1 Oct 05, changes in reenlistment criteria broaden Regular Army Soldiers eligibility to participate in the laptop enrollment option and extend the eArmyU no-laptop option to all officers. The goal of this expansion is to promote Army educational opportunities to an expanded Soldier population.

Regular Army (RA) Soldiers, E4-E7 with less than 10 years of active service and E6-E9 Soldiers with more than 10 years of active service in an indefinite status, with more than 3 years to Retention Control Point (RCP) may be eligible for the laptop option. RA E-3 active duty Soldiers, with less than 24 months time in service (those Soldiers who entered on a 15 month plus training enlistment option) may also be eligible. Laptop enrollees receive a state-of-the-art laptop to use in their eArmyU participation, and will be required to successfully complete 12 semester hours of coursework in three years. Soldiers may reenlist or extend to meet the 3-year Service Remaining Requirement. Enlisted careerists not currently in an indefinite status must reenlist and become indefinite.

Officials indicated that laptop eligibility criteria will be constrained based on laptop take-rates and program funding.

eArmyU tuition includes textbooks, Internet Service Provider, 24/7 technology support, a "boot camp" tutorial, and online academic tutoring and mentoring. There is no Service Remaining Requirement with the eCourse option. However, Soldiers must have sufficient time in service remaining to complete the eArmyU course in which they are enrolling.


  • More Soldiers now eligible for eArmyU (ARNEWS)
  • Father of slain Soldier goes on mission to Iraq (AJC | EB)
  • Army to review its casualty assistance procedures (NYT | EB)
  • Post office dedicated to local Soldier (WT | EB)
  • 82nd CG: Officer's abuse complaints were not specific (AT)
  • Army changes PLDC to Warrior Leader Course (ARNEWS)
  • Revamped Army recruiting system helps boost active-duty enlistments (AFIS)


  • Adoption of compromises in Constitution aimed at winning Sunni Arab support (WP | EB)
  • American troops work to help make cities safe for voters (NYT | EB)
  • Shiite majority proved all but unstoppable in quest to remake the country (WP | EB)
  • Al Qaeda concerned Iraq is slipping out of their control (WT/EB)
  • Wolfowitz blames terrorists for blocking efforts by Iraqi people to rebuild country (SDUT/EB)
  • Saddam confident he will be deemed innocent (USAT | EB)


  • President invites foreign ambassadors to Ramadan meal (UPI)
  • Kurds ambivalent on charter in Iraq (WP)
  • KFOR exercise to test recovery, transportation systems (ARNEWS)
  • U.S. Military looking for solutions for Pakistani quake relief (CSM | EB)
  • Forty-thousand Pakistani soldiers working to distribute relief supplies to survivors (CNN)
  • Rice thanks Troops in Kyrgyzstan for terror war support (AFIS)
  • British government published sweeping anti-terrorism legislation (WT)
  • Senior British commander briefs on current operations (ARNEWS)


  • 60 people killed in clashes between police and rebels in Russia (BBC News | story)
  • Low-key funeral for Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan (Aljazeera | story)
  • Iraq prepared to seal itself off from outside world for vote (Reuters | story)
  • British Foregin Secretary predicts 10 years to stabilize (The Guardian | story)
  • Pakistani army arrived too late, says survivors (Swissinfo | story)
  • Hopes that agreement will ensure Sunni backing for constitution in vote (The Australian | story)
  • Netherlands to ban the burka (Times | story)
  • United Nations' European headquarters, U.N. agencies on terror alert (Gulf News | story)

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...We must all be on our toes to ensure we provide deserving Soldiers the motivation to stay Army. The motivation can come from ensuring Soldiers with potential for promotion get to the board on time. It can also come from giving them opportunities while not deployed to pursue military and civilian education opportunities. It can also come from ensuring Soldiers' families are taken care of while they're away, and when they return from long deployments. As we always say, you recruit a Soldier but you retain a family.
Sergeant Major of the Army Preston's
Leader's Book Notes - January 2005

Kenneth O. Preston
Sergeant Major of the Army


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