Monday October 3, 2005

For 230 years, America's Soldiers have answered the Call to Duty to end tyranny, free the oppressed, and light the path to democracy. The enduring Army Values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personnel courage guide our Soldiers and inspire remarkable performance and astonishing acts of bravery. Now, despite the challenges of a complex and dangerous 21st century security environment, the Army will continue to preserve our nation's peace and freedom by drawing on the four-fold strengths of its Soldiers, Leaders, Modular Forces and Institution.


Soldiers are the centerpiece of all Army organizations.

Professional Soldiers--warriors well trained, well equipped, and well led--serve as the ultimate expression of what the Army provides to the Nation and the joint force. They are the engine behind Army capabilities.

Nearly half the Soldiers on active duty are deployed or forward-stationed in more than 120 countries. In addition to conducting combat operations, these Soldiers secure the homeland by deterring aggression and supporting friends and allies.

To benefit Soldiers, the Army's transformation is working toward resetting, restructuring, rebalancing, and stabilizing the force.

Resetting refers to actions taken to prepare redeploying units and Soldiers for future missions.

Restructuring refers to the Army's transition from a division-based to a brigade-based force--the modular force.

Rebalancing involves retraining Soldiers and converting organizations to produce more Soldiers and units with high-demand skills.

Stabilizing involves assigning Soldiers to brigades for longer periods which increases unit readiness and cohesion, reduces turnover, and eliminates repetitive training requirements.

The Army is enhancing its training, education, and Soldier and leader development programs to develop the flexible, adaptive mindset needed to prevail in joint, expeditionary operations.

Source: FM-1: The Army


  • Interview: General Peter Schoomaker-U.S. Army Chief of Staff (DN/EB)
  • Combat zone reenlistment bonuses renewed (Army Times)
  • Army's schedule for FCS has slipped at least five years (DN/EB)
  • Kiss those BGCs goodbye (Army Times)
  • Women honor husbands in Iraq at rerouted Army Ten-Miler race (WT | EB)
  • Commanders of Mideast forces take to the airwaves to assure public doubts (LAT | EB)
  • Warriors compete for top honors (ARNEWS)


  • Top military commanders speak optimistically about operations in Iraq (WP | EB)
  • Suicide bombing in Bali raises questions (LAT/EB)
  • Plan to cut off the supply of foreign fighters that has fed the insurgency (NYT | EB)
  • Pentagon not completed guidelines for reimbursement for combat equipment (NYT | EB)
  • Recent attacks on al-Qaeda not reducing insurgent violence (USAT/EB)
  • 'Progress being made' in Iraq, Abizaid says (AFIS)
  • Kurdish president called on the country's Shiite prime minister to step down (USAT/EB)
  • 'Iron Fist' offensive pummels terrorists In Iraq (AFIS)
  • Significant incidents of fraud found in Afghan elections (NYT | EB)


  • Veterans unaware of many new benefits since wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began (DMN | EB)
  • Al Qaeda claims to have captured two marines (NYT | EB)
  • What makes a Marine Officer? (USAT)
  • Book: 'Memoirs: Gunning To Be In Print' (Newsweek/EB)
  • Few support military taking charge in disaster response (USAT/EB)
  • Ethnic tensions within Iraq's governing coalition heightened (WT | EB)
  • Up-close view of new threats confronting U.S. forces (Time/EB)


  • Attack on Iraq minister unsuccessful (Reuters | story)
  • Taleban militants killed in clashes with government troops (BBC News | story)
  • Al Qaeda claims abduction of 2 U.S. Marines (Gulf Times | story)
  • Sunni officials, independent Iraqi politicians, concerned on upcoming vote (Swissinfo | story)
  • Bomber learned his craft in Afghan training camps (The Australian | story)
  • Foreign fighters leaving Iraq mount attacks throughout Muslim world (The Guardian | story)
  • Added security to mosques during month of Ramadan begins this week (Aljazeera | story)
  • Europe's largest trial of suspected al Qaeda cell ends (Deutsche Welle | story)
  • Three suicide bombings in Bali over the weekend (The Herald | story)


Another great weekend for the Sarge! This weekend Tony gained 138 points, the most points you can possibly get at one event. Four of our US Army Cowboys had qualified for the Pace event this weekend in Omaha which resulted with bull rider, Zack Oakes finishing 3rd, and tie down roper, Fred Whitfield, finishing 4th. Joe Nemechek moved up 1 position in the NASCAR point standings (to 15th position), finishing 9th this weekend in Talladega.

Race: UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega Speedway
Driver: Joe Nemechek
Qualified: 5
Finished: 9
Rank: 15 (up 1 spot from last week)
Next race: October 9th, Banquet 400 presented by ConAgra Foods at Kansas Speedway

Race: Ameriquest Mortgage NHRA Nationals in Joliet, IL
Driver: Tony Schumacher
Qualified: 1
Finished: Won the race defeating Doug Herbert
Rank: 1 (now is 205 points ahead of Larry Dixon)

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It's all about yesterday, it's all about tomorrow, it's all about now. The Soldier has been and continues to be the centerpiece of our Army.

Peter J. Schoomaker
Chief of Staff, United States Army

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