Medal of Honor recipient, CPL Tibor "Ted" Rubin

Friday September 23, 2005

Army Values

- CPL Rubin's personal courage and selfless service in overcoming adversity exemplify the Army values and Warrior Ethos.

- CPL Rubin risked his life daily for two and a half years to keep his fellow Soldiers hopeful and alive in two of the worst prisoner of war camps in Korea. Because of his actions, more than 40 Soldiers survived "Death Valley"
and Pyoktong.

Army Diversity

- Our Army is stronger because it draws from the talents and experiences of its diverse force.

- CPL Rubin refused to quit -- drawing on his hard-won experiences and skills as a Holocaust concentration camp survivor.

- CPL Rubin refused to let others quit -- inspiring and enabling 40 of his fellow Soldiers to survive a Korean and Chinese POW camp where many had died.

Volunteer Army: Call to Duty

- CPL Rubin answered the call to duty in gratitude to the nation that rescued him from the Nazi concentration camp of Mauthausen.

- CPL Rubin volunteered to be on the front lines at great personal risk.

- Oct. 30, 1950, he manned a 30 caliber machine gun mounted on a weapons carrier to defend his unit from being overrun by the Chinese 39th Army - first wave in a push of 20,000 troops across the Yalu River.

- He stayed at his post, he never quit his post and defended it [to] the very end." - the late SFC "Buck" Burgess

- CPL Rubin was grateful that his service would speed his application for U.S. citizenship.

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The American Soldiers had great compassion for us. Even though we were filthy, we stunk and had diseases, they picked us up and brought us back to life. I made a promise that I would go to the United States and join the Army to express my thanks.

Corporal Tibor "Ted" Rubin
Medal of Honor recipient

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