Thursday September 22, 2005

Future Combat Systems -- An Overview

I. Our Army: "Our Army will remain the pre-eminent land power on Earth-- composed of adaptive and innovative Soldiers, led by experienced Leaders, organized into deployable elements, and enabled by advanced technologies, all of which assure domination in any scenario as directed by our nation."

· We are building an Army for the future that is the kind of Army we need for the future. Your Army is modernizing in many ways to enable Soldiers and leaders, as part of the Joint Team, to dominate in any environment against current and emerging threats. We must continue to improve how we think, train, organize, and equip.

· Continued and consistent investment in leader development, training and technology guarantees the necessary capabilities, today and in the future, for the American Soldier, the Joint Team, and the Nation.

II. Embedded Future Combat Systems: "Future Combat Systems (FCS) is the Army's modernization program consisting of a family of manned and unmanned systems, connected by a common network, that enables the modular force, providing our Soldiers and leaders with leading-edge technologies and capabilities allowing them to dominate in complex environments."
· Our adversaries are adapting and honing their skills to defeat our current strengths and abilities. Our modular formations, enabled by Future Combat Systems, will ensure our Soldiers and Leaders have the capabilities they need to win decisively when and where the nation calls. The FCS program is the fastest and surest way to modernize the Army.

· The FCS program is a holistic approach to designing and producing a family of manned and unmanned systems that are fully networked, information based, and integrated across the Army as part of the Joint Team. With FCS, the Army takes advantage of technologies as they are developed and expeditiously puts them into the hands of Soldiers.

· Modernization without FCS sacrifices capabilities, decreases integration, and increases costs. If we progress in a traditional way with individual evolutionary enhancements, we surrender our advantage and increase the risk to our Soldiers, and ultimately, to our Nation.


Army Black Knights
Friday, Sept. 23, 2005- IOWA STATE West Point, N.Y. ESPN2 8:00 PM
This game will also be streamed live on AKO.


  • Harvey says critical that FCS program be kept intact (DD/EB)
  • Rubin to receive Medal of Honor (USAT | EB)
  • Ft. Lewis troops help build highway for Afghans (ST | EB)
  • Vice chief honors fallen, missing warriors (ARNEWS)
  • Commentary: Is Iraq another Vietnam? (ARNEWS)
  • U.S. Troops help launch Afghan radio station (DA)
  • GEDs no longer required (AT)
  • Army ten-miler for more than runners (Pentagram)


  • Georgia Army NG providing security for major highways and bases (AJC | EB)
  • Iraqi troops demonstrate newly learned skills (WP)
  • Angry anti-British demonstration in the southern city of Basra (NYT/EB)
  • Hussein's lawyers won't recognize the Oct. 19 start of trial (BG/EB)
  • All 26 members of NATO provide training/equipment to Baghdad (NYT/EB)
  • Insurgent raid leaves Iraqi forces dead (CNN)
  • Crowds condemn British forces for raiding a jail (WP)


  • Harvard reverses policy of barring recruiters (LAT/EB)
  • 5,000 Texas NG troops mobilized for Rita threat (WP | EB)
  • 82nd Airborne, troops on stand by (NYT/EB)
  • Different versions of events raise questions in Basra (PPG)
  • SOCOM: Able Danger data flow was blocked (TT)
  • Husband and wife serve the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan (FO)


  • Iran and Iraq remember eight-year war in the 1980s (BBC | story)
  • Palestinian president rejects plea to disarm (Aljazeera | story)
  • British forces feared their men would be executed (The Australian | story)
  • Iran showed off its military might,warned potential aggressors (Reuters | story)
  • Defence officials admit security situation may get worse (The Guardian | story)
  • Palestinian elections to put Israel and Palestinians on explosive course (The Jordan Times | story)

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The Future Combat Systems Program is no longer just a drawing board concept. It is becoming a reality!
Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army

Future Combat Systems Technology Demonstration Day


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