Friday August 26, 2005

American Supports You
"America Supports You" is a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense that showcases the many ways America is showing its support for service members and their families.

The program is designed to gather information about and recognize the many activities Americans are doing to support our troops. More importantly, "America Supports You " lets service members and their families know about these programs.

Individuals or groups can join the "America Supports You" team by submitting information about their activities through the official website at

The website offers detailed information on the program, including materials such as press kits, downloadable logos, stories of support, and an ever-growing page of responses from service members around the world.

Operation Hero Miles
Operation Hero Miles, established by the Fisher House Foundation, offers Americans the opportunity to donate their unused airline sky miles to wounded troops and their families for visits to medical facilities and trips home. Click here to learn more.

More Troop Support
Read about many other programs available for supporting our troops. Go to


Freedom Walk
The American Supports You program is sponsoring a Freedom Walk on Sept. 11, 2005 to remember the victims of 9/11 and honor our veterans, past and present. For more information or to register for this event, visit

Sustaining Base Leadership and Management
The application deadline for the Sustaining Base Leadership and Management resident program is Sept. 2. SBLM, which is open to GS-12 through 14, is designed to prepare leaders to manage the Army's sustaining base. Click here for more information.

Program Management for Executives
The application deadline for the Program Management for Executives II program is Sept. 9. PME II focuses on empowerment, change, advanced leadership competencies, and transformational leadership. Click here for more information.


Army-sponsored NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek will continue his quest for victory this weekend at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn.


  • Walter Reed to close (WP | EB)

  • Army expected to meet recruiting goals for August (WP | EB)

  • "Unspinning the NY Times' military mendacity" -- Opinion (JWR)

  • Women Soldiers contribute to Iraqi freedom (AFIS)

  • FCS restructure increases success for program (ADDR/EB)

  • Service Rifle Team dominates national matches (ARNEWS)

  • Troops urged to avoid 'knock-off' ACUs (HAW)


  • Uzbek government orders U.S. troops to withdraw (USAT)

  • Iraqi constitution still being debated (NYT | EB)

  • Iraqis grow frustrated with constitution delay (USAT)

  • Despite insurgent efforts, progress on Iraqi constitution continues (AFIS)

  • Political bloodshed in Baghdad, Najaf (WP | EB)

  • New Vice Chairman shares views on war, transformation priorities (AFIS)


  • BRAC greatly effects communities in Arlington, Alexandria (WP | EB)

  • BRAC commissioners continue final deliberations (AFIS)

  • Nemechek provides special day for 75 Soldiers (ARNEWS)

  • Deployment Aid Library created for servicemembers, families (AFN)

  • Mechanics of all trades maintain equipment (DA)

  • Improvements recommended in Academies' sexual-assault prevention (AFIS)

  • Small satellites more economical and efficient (WSJ/EB)

  • "Resilient Soldiers" -- Opinion (WT)


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''...find[s] out from all across the country what people are doing to be supportive of the troops and the families of the troops. And they've listed these things about what individuals are doing, classrooms, organizations, clubs, corporations, states, departments and agencies. And it has been a wonderful thing, because it tells something about the heart of America and the support that exists out there for the men and women in uniform who are doing such a superb job. (Transcript)

Donald H. Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


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