Wednesday August 24, 2005

The Army submitted its BRAC recommendations to the Secretary of Defense in six objective categories:

1. Realignment of the operational forces of the Active Army, including units returning from overseas.

2. Transformation of the Reserve Component, including realignment or closure of facilities in order to reshape command and control functions and force structure, and create multi-component Armed Forces Reserve Centers.

3. Realignment or closure of installations to consolidate headquarters and other activities into Joint or multi-functional installations.

4. Realignment of installations to create Joint and Army Training Centers of Excellence.

5. Transformation of Materiel and Logistics, to include realigning or closing installations in order to integrate critical munitions operations, depot level maintenance, and materiel management capabilities.

6. Realignment of DOD Research, Development, Acquisition, Testing and Evaluation organizations to create Army and Joint Centers of Excellence that enhance mission accomplishment and reduce cost and schedule.

The BRAC recommendations are inextricably tied to Army Transformation and, specifically, the Army Modular Force Initiative because they provide the optimum infrastructure to stand up, train, support and rapidly deploy Brigade Combat Teams which are the centerpiece of the Army Modular Force.

Changes to the Army's recommendations will, in turn, adversely affect our ability to transform to the Army of the future- an Army that is better able to meet the dangerous and complex challenges of the 21st Century security environment.

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Source: Testimony of Secretary of the Army Francis J. Harvey to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission on August 20, 2005.


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The Army has taken a very thoughtful and deliberate approach to our overall BRAC effort....Our list of recommendations represents the installations and facilities with the highest military value, and we are confident that they best facilitate transformation of the total force - Active, Guard and Reserve.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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