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Thursday August 18, 2005

The Army Strategic Planning Guidance is the Army's institutional strategy and serves as its principal long-range planning document. The ASPG consists of ten Strategic Imperatives.

Strategic Imperatives #6-10

6. Increase Army Capability for Strategic Responsiveness
- Provide rapidly and immediately employable forces to the joint warfight.
- Adjust deployment metrics to ensure they nest within the overarching joint swiftness goals.
- Deployment metrics will guide synchronization and leveraging of existing Army Power Projection Program (AP3) capabilities.

7. Improve Global Force Posture
- Proper Force Posture ensures the Army's ability to seize the initiative and its ability to sustain a significant land campaign.
- Global challenges can no longer be met with large, in-place forces and well-established infrastructure.
- The Army must have the ability to rapidly respond / deploy to any crisis.
- Initiatives include proper positioning of war reserves and materiel and improvement of strategic and intra-theater lift capabilities.

8. Improve Capabilities for Battle Command
- Commanders and leaders must leverage new technology to gain an enhanced common operational picture.
- Continue close communication with Joint Forces Command to ensure command and control capabilities are "joint born."
- Continue to spiral network capability forward as available to bridge network gap between current and future force.

9. Improve Joint Fires Capability
- Must achieve fully interoperable joint battle command and joint fire control systems.
- Fire support coordination must become absolutely joint to achieve the responsiveness and effectiveness required.

10. Improve Capabilities for Joint Logistics
- Army logisticians must ensure an integrated supply chain reaching across the breadth and depth of resources in a joint, interagency and multinational theater.
- The Army will develop and implement Army Combat Service Support (CSS) Concepts, Policy and Doctrine that support theater openings and distribution based logistics.
- Focus areas critical to transforming logistics in support of an expeditionary Army:
o Connect the logistician
o Modernizing theater distribution
o Improving force reception
o Integrating the supply chain


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America's Army has more than 261,000 Soldiers deployed to more than 120 countries around the world. We have 650,000 Soldiers serving on active duty. 157,000 of those Soldiers belong to the National Guard and the Army Reserve. We could not do what we are doing as an Army without the total support that we have received from our Reserve Forces. We are a total team in the Global War on Terrorism. (Transcript)

Kenneth O. Preston
Sergeant Major of the Army


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