Monday August 15, 2005

The Army Strategic Planning Guidance is the Army's institutional strategy and serves as its principal long-range planning document.

The 2005 ASPG:
- Provides a long-term prospective for planning at all levels.
- Provides a common understanding of the Army's contribution to National Security and the Joint Team.
- Identifies areas where additional emphasis is needed to maintain momentum for transformation and change.
- Introduces ten new strategic imperatives.
- Explains how these ten new strategic imperatives will allow the Army to accomplish its mission to meet the challenges of current and projected security environment.

Ten Strategic Imperatives:
1. Implement Transformation Initiatives
2. Improve Capabilities for Homeland Defense
3. Improve Proficiencies Against Irregular Challenges
4. Improve Capabilities for Stability Operations
5. Achieve Army Force Capabilities to Dominate in Complex Terrain
6. Improve Army Capabilities for Strategic Responsiveness
7. Improve Global Force Posture
8. Improve Capabilities for Battle Command
9. Improve Joint Fires Capability
10. Improve Capabilities for Joint Logistics

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  • USASOC awards CIBs to WWII vets (ARNEWS)
  • Great Raid on Cabanatuan depicts Warrior Ethos (ARNEWS)
  • Latest Stryker variant arrives for duty (ARNEWS)
  • Kosovo Force testing new composting method (ARNEWS)
  • Army lent technical support to `The Great Raid' (ARNEWS)
  • Chief of Staff of the Army visits Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (USARPAC News)
  • Critics say it's time to change Army's bonus system (NYT | EB)


  • Iraqis may bypass Sunnis on constitution (NYT | EB)
  • Editors debate how to present a broad picture of Iraq (NYT | EB)
  • U.S. troops to get new body armor (
  • Female soldiers under fire (PJ | EB)
  • Marines use donkeys where humvees can't go (AR | EB)
  • Congressional visits to Cuba's detainee camp surge after Bush's invitation (MH | EB)
  • Iraq realities conflict U.S. expectations (CT | EB)
  • U.S. commander says no suspects found in Marine deaths (USAT | EB)
  • Shiite group threaten attack on Kuwait (JP/EB)
  • Five U.S. soldiers killed in roadside bombings (WT/EB)


  • Japan's leader apologized on 60th anniversary of WWII surrender (HC | EB)
  • China and Russia to hold first joint drills (WP | EB)
  • Federal judge questioned new Homeland Security work rules (WP | EB)
  • Iran dismisses U.S. warning on nuclear effort (WP | EB)
  • An old base has a new mission (BG/EB)
  • Shotgun blast shakens Bush protesters (LAT | EB)
  • Senate chairman vows to work for health benefits for Guard, Reserve (CSG/EB)
  • On independence day, Pakistan President reaffirms anti-militant stance (NYT | EB)
  • Kyrgyzstan's new president (NYT | EB)
  • Anheuser-Busch extends its 'thank you' campaign for troops (MSS | EB)


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August 15, 2005
X Day: The Plan to Invade Japan, History Channel, 8:00 p.m. (More)

Battlefield Vietnam: Showdown in the Iron Triangle, Military Channel, 9:00 p.m. (More)


Transformation is a journey. It is not a destination. And transformation is not synonymous with modernization. It is not only done in the material dimension of the process. It involves doctrine. It involves organization. It involves training. It involves the way we develop our leaders. It involves the way we structure our installations; the way we train, equip, raise our soldiers; how we treat our families. (Transcript)

Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker
Army Chief of Staff


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