Wednesday August 10, 2005

National Guard Homeland Defense missions are focused in four areas:
1. Integrating force protection and responsive critical infrastructure protection

2. Preparing for and mitigating the effects of multiple simultaneous chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) events

3. Providing vital National Guard information technology capabilities required to support inter-agency information

4. Supporting prompt and coordinated federal Homeland Defense and Civil Support missions and Emergency Preparedness planning activities

Over the past four years, the National Guard has developed the following capabilities to better enable defense of the homeland:

Joint Force Headquarters - The Army and Air National Guard in each state and U.S. territory operates from a JFHQ, which allows greater command and control of units.

Civil Support Teams - CSTs rapidly respond, at the request of civil authorities, to suspected or actual terrorist attack sites, conduct special reconnaissance activities, and advise authorities on managing the effects of the attack.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Conventional High Explosive Enhanced Force Packages - CERFPs consist of traditional National Guard units which are trained to perform mass patient decontamination, casualty triage and medical response assistance.

Joint CONUS Communications Support Environment - The JCCSE connects each state's National Guard headquarters to the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), which helps identify and assess current and future threats to the homeland, issues timely warnings, and takes preventive and protective actions.

National Security Special Events - The National Guard provides general and specific support capabilities for events like the G8 Summit, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and Operation Winter Freeze (a Homeland Security border operation). Furthermore, the NSSEs include Guard support to national disaster areas.

Source: The Minuteman Review, Vol. I, Issue II, Army National Guard


  • New program recruits native speakers into Army Guard (AFIS)
  • Army launches spouse employment Web site (ARNEWS)
  • Army medics train with patient simulators (ARNEWS)
  • Thoughts on the "cultural terrain" (AMSC)
  • Army relieves Byrnes from TRADOC (ARNEWS)


  • Rumsfeld: Iraqi constitution could be powerful weapon (AFIS)
  • Constitution deadline may be missed (WP | EB)
  • Rumsfeld predicts rise in violence prior to Iraqi election (LAT | EB)
  • Survey shows Iraqis do not support terrorists (AFIS)
  • Coalition, Iraqi ministry sign Husseiniya charter (ARNEWS)
  • Joint Chief: Timetable unclear on Iraqi troops (BG/EB)
  • Rumsfeld accuses Iran of allowing export of weapons to insurgents in Iraq (WT/EB)
  • Shiite group removes Baghdad mayor from office, installs one of their own (NYT | EB)


  • Homeland Security chief faces many challenges in protecting U.S. (USAT | EB)
  • 9/11 panel looking into potential withholding of files in 2000 (NYT | EB)
  • Recent arrests raise questions of terror cells in U.S. (CSM | EB)
  • Military commands change names of exercises so not to offend (WT | EB)
  • Iraqi pilot to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery (USAT | EB)
  • Edelman named as undersecretary of defense for policy (WP | EB)
  • N. Korea blames U.S. for nuclear talk stalemate (NYT | EB)
  • U.S. supplying Venezuela with riot gear (CSM | EB)


  • Insurgents strike Baghdad as politicians meet on constitution (Jordan Times | story)
  • Syria, Iran developing relationship, playing key role in region (Syria Times | story)
  • Iran plans removal of U.N. seals at nuclear facility, increasing tensions (Aljazeera | story)
  • World energy security depends on Iran, says Iranian official (Tehran Times | story)
  • U.S. investigates Venezuelan oil supply (El Universal | story)

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We need to make sure that we reach out to the new group of veterans and to the new group of service members who are out there in this all-volunteer force, willing to put their lives, their educations, their families, their jobs, their careers and their fortunes on the line to defend America. (Story)

Lt. Gen. Steven H. Blum
Chief of the National Guard Bureau

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