Thursday August 4, 2005

Since the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq, over 2,700 construction projects have started and over 1,580 have been completed.

The following projects are scheduled, in progress or completed nationwide in Iraq:

- 340 electrical distribution projects planned; 27 ongoing; 26 complete
- 29 hospitals planned; 18 ongoing; 10 complete
- 158 primary healthcare facilities planned; 146 ongoing; 9 complete
- 98 railroad station projects planned; 32 ongoing; 63 complete
- 264 border fort projects planned; 157 ongoing; 86 complete
- 839 schools planned; 65 ongoing; 678 complete
- 367 water treatment projects planned; 84 ongoing; 114 complete
- 22 prison and court projects planned; 7 ongoing; 16 complete
- 34 water reservoir projects planned; 6 ongoing; 21 complete

In July, the following construction projects began:

- The Iraqi military base project in Dahuk District consists of seven projects, of which, four are ongoing.

- There are six border fort projects planned for the Sharbazher District, of which five are currently ongoing.

- There are four electrical distribution projects in the Akre District, including one ongoing.

- The Ibn Al Athir maternity hospital in Mosul District is being completely overhauled. The facility will be a 200-bed medical facility when complete.

- The Tameem railroad station in Kirkuk District is being rehabilitated to meet freight storage and transportation needs. There are a total of five railroad station projects planned for this district.

- In the Tikrit District, there are four primary healthcare facilities programmed for construction which are all currently ongoing. There are also two primary healthcare facilities being built in the Khanaqin District.

- Three of five schools have been built in the Baladrooz District.

- The Buhriz bridge project will allow rural access to the east side the Diyala River, bypassing congestion at the Buhriz city bridge.

Source: Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


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August 4, 2005
Afghanistan Briefing, Pentagon Channel, 10:00 a.m. (Watch online)


We're doing this right. We are working directly with the Iraqis. They are doing a very significant portion of the actual work. As a result of their labors, they have every reason to be proud of the future they are building for themselves. (Story)

Brig. Gen. William H. McCoy
Commander, Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


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