Wednesday August 3, 2005

- About a million Soldiers have deployed in support of OEF/OIF, with more than seventy thousand detainees handled. There have been over 300 criminal investigations (less than .5 percent) with more than 100 people held accountable for misconduct.

- Almost all investigations result from a military member seeing something believed to be wrong, and a chain of command that orders an investigation.

- Reported cases of detainee abuse since April 2004 have declined by nearly 80 percent.

- The Army has clearly defined Military Intelligence and Military Police roles in respect to detainee and interrogation operations. No confusion exists.

- Since Abu Ghraib, the ratio of detainees to guards has been reduced from 1:75 to 1:8.


- Army schools have expanded their training on detainee operations, to include adapting the programs of instruction for detainee ops at the US Army Military Police School, Military Intelligence School, and Medical School.

- The Army has trained hundreds in other services in detainee operations techniques, including extensive training on other government agency relationships before deploying in support of detainee operations.

- General training and leader development guidance has either been revised or is under going revision to include lessons learned for detainee operations.

- Pre-deployment training and associated training support is continually updated based on lessons learned.

- Mobile Training Teams (MTT) and Training Support Packages (TSP) focused on detainee operations are used in pre-deployment training and post deployment in-theater training.

- Soldiers who guard detainees receive daily training to refresh skills. Visits by Mobile Training Teams (corrections/ legal experts) enhance duty performance by guards. Additional training is provided on the Geneva Convention and rules of engagement.

The Army will continue to operate within the law while ensuring interrogators have the tools they need to be successful in a very fluid operational environment.


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[T]he Army has taken action [on detainee operations]. It has taken action from the very beginning. The training that is being conducted is not just for Soldiers but is also being conducted for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. We will continue. (Transcript)

MG Donald Ryder
Provost Marsh General of the Army and Commanding General, Criminal Investigation Command


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