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Friday July 29, 2005

Future Combat Systems (FCS) is a joint networked system of systems (one large system made up of 18 individual systems, the network, and most importantly, the Soldier).

Future Combat Systems are connected via an advanced network architecture that will enable levels of joint connectivity, situational awareness and understanding, and synchronized operations heretofore unachievable.

FCS will operate as a System of Systems (SoS) that will network existing systems, systems already under development, and systems to be developed to meet the requirements of the Army's Future Force Unit of Action (UA).

Future Combat Systems includes 18+1+1 systems consisting of:
- unattended ground sensors (UGS);

- two unattended munitions, the Non-Line of Sight - Launch System (NLOS-LS) and Intelligent Munitions System (IMS);

- four classes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) organic to platoon, company, battalion and Unit of Action (UA) echelons;

- three classes of unmanned ground vehicles, the Armed Robotic Vehicle (ARV), Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV), and Multifunctional Utility/Logistics and Equipment Vehicle (MULE);

- eight manned ground vehicles (18 individual systems);

- the network (18+1);

- plus the Soldier (18+1+1).

FCS is the core building block of the Army's Future Force. FCS will use evolutionary acquisition to develop, field, and upgrade FCS throughout its lifecycle.

Learn more about FCS at www.army.mil/fcs.

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  • U.S. Muslim scholars issue fatwa condemning terrorism (Arab News | story)
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  • IRA lays down arms, commits to peaceful pursuit of goals (BBC | story)
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The potential of network-enabled operations demonstrated in Operation Iraqi Freedom reinforces our decision to continue development of Future Combat Systems (FCS) while enhancing our current force. (Transcript)

Gen. Richard A. Cody
Vice Chief of Staff of the Army


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