Thursday July 28, 2005

Another step in the Army's force restructuring has been taken with the announcement of the new stations for the active component modular Brigade Combat Teams (BCT).
(View the BCT stationing map)

The stationing of the BCTs allows the Army to continue its transformation to a campaign-quality force with joint and expeditionary capabilities that meet the future demands of the Combatant Commanders.

These BCTs are modules which will allow the Army to be more readily deployable and provide increased combat power to itself and Combatant Commanders.

The Army modular force initiative moves the Army away from a division-centric structure to one built around the new modular combat team. Furthermore, the initiative and stationing plan will better posture the Army to meet its strategic commitments, to include ongoing global combat operations.

The restructure of the Army will:
- increase available training time
- ensure a continuous supply of manpower required by the Combatant Commanders and civil authorities
- enable predictable deployment schedules
- allow for Soldiers and families to remain at one location for up to four or five years

Learn more about the Army's Modular Force through The Army Modular Force video located on the Army's Professional Video Collection Web site.

Sources: The Army Modular Force Web site, Army News Service, and DoD News Release.


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July 30 & 31, 2005
The U.S. Army's Golden Knights Parachute Demonstration Team will participate in the Oswego, New York Harborfest.

July 30, 2005
Special Forces: The U.S. Army Ranger, Military Channel, 8:00 p.m. (More)

Special Forces: 21st Century Warrior, Military Channel, 9:00 p.m. (More)


The Army Modular Force Initiative is the Army's most important transformational initiative for a reason; it involves the total redesign of the Operational Army into a standardized, stand alone, larger, more powerful, more flexible and more rapidly deployable force that will enable the Army to change the way it fights and the way it operates. (Source)

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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