ARMY CAPSTONE CONCEPT FOR THE FUTURE FORCE<br><i>The Army in Joint Operations, TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-0</i>

Thursday July 21, 2005

The Army's capstone concept is the overarching visualization of how the Army Future Force will support Joint Force Commanders from 2015 - 2024.

The Future Force will address the diverse threats and the volatile conditions expected to characterize the future operating environment through the adaptive combination of seven key operational ideas. The seven Capstone Concept's key ideas are:

1. Shaping and Entry Operations shape regional security conditions, and - if forces are committed - shape the battlespace help seize the initiative, and set conditions for decisive maneuver throughout the campaign.

2. Operational Maneuver from Strategic Distances to a crisis theater will enable the force to deter or promptly engage an enemy from positions of advantage.

3. Intratheater Operational Maneuver by ground, sea, and air will extend the reach of the joint force commander, expand capability to exploit opportunities, and generate dislocating and disintegrating effects.

4. Once the Future Force seizes the initiative, it combines its multidimensional capabilities in Decisive Maneuver to achieve campaign objectives:
4a. Simultaneous, distributed operations within a noncontiguous battlefield framework enable the Future Force to act throughout the enemy's dispositions.

4b. Continuous operations and controlled operational tempo will overwhelm the enemy's capability to respond effectively, resulting in physical destruction and psychological exhaustion at a pace not achievable today.

4c. Direct attack of key enemy capabilities and centers of gravity with strike and maneuver will accelerate the disintegration of the enemy operational integrity.

5. The Future Force conducts Concurrent and Subsequent Stability Operations, the former to secure and perpetuate the results of decisive maneuver during the campaign, and the latter to "Win the Peace", once enemy military forces are defeated, to ensure long-term resolution of the sources of conflict.

6. Distributed Support and Sustainment will maintain freedom of action and provide continuous sustainment of committed forces in all phases of operations, throughout the battlespace, and with the smallest feasible deployed logistical footprint.

7. Throughout the future campaign, Network-Enabled Battle Command will facilitate the situational understanding needed for the self-synchronization and effective application of joint and Army combat capabilities in any form of operation.

To read the document in full go to "Other References and Forms" category at The Capstone Concept document is listed first.


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The Army's capstone concept is a culmination of years of research, wargaming, experimentation, and operational lessons learned by the Army, our sister Services, and the joint community. Publication of this document is a start point rather than a finish. It will be a reference point for our wargaming and experimentation efforts.

Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes
Commander, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command


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