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Wednesday July 20, 2005

The National Guard Bureau Family Program Online Community provides a wealth of resources for Guard and Reserve families who are coping with the stresses of deployment. The Family Program acts as a network that allows families to mutually support one another. The program also serves families who have an active duty member currently deployed or returning. Below are some of the features offered through the Guard Bureau Family Program.

State-by-State Benefit Finder
This feature allows you to find your state's benefits provided to National Guard servicemembers and their families.

Veteran Benefits for the Guard
This page provides sources and information on veteran benefits for Guard members. It includes a toll-free number to the Veterans Affairs bureau and a search engine to find veteran facilities near your home.

The deployment Web site has links to information about preparing for deployment, separation and reunion.

Handbooks and Guides
This section of the program's Web site has many handbooks and preparation lists which provides detailed information on subjects such as mobilization finance, family readiness, operational security, and single servicemember readiness.

Children's Corner
The Children's Corner features guides and activity books to help children understand and manage a parent's deployment.

Local Resources
The program provides a comprehensive listing of local resources and Family Program offices in each state.

For more information about the National Guard Bureau Family Program visit their Web site at www.guardfamily.org.


Registration has opened for the Dwight D. Eisenhower National Security Conference. The conference, set to take place at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C., is scheduled for September 27 and 28. This year's theme is "Shaping National Security: National Power in an International World." Attendance is limited to 550 people. To register visit www.eisenhowerseries.com.
(Press release)


  • Soldiers cite problems with new combat uniform (AJC | EB)
  • Negative media coverage of the war to blame for low recruitment, says Army (SDUT | EB)
  • Recruiting, retention on track, official says (AFIS)
  • SMA helps Japanese evolve senior NCO system (ARNEWS)
  • Boeing to keep Army radio contract (SPI | EB)
  • New tourniquet aids deployed Soldiers (ARNEWS)
  • Boy Scout Jamboree returns to Fort A.P. Hill (ARNEWS)


  • Two Iraqi constitution drafters assassinated (NYT | EB)
  • Draft constitution gives heavy hand to Islamic law (NYT | EB)
  • Conditions in Iraq to dictate troop numbers, Rumsfeld says (AFIS)
  • U.S. military seeks better IED deterrents (MH | EB)
  • Forces capture dozens of insurgents, uncover weapons caches (AFIS)
  • Report cites Iraqi civilian death toll at 25,000 (NYT | EB)
  • DoD assists Iraq in establishing inspector general system (AFIS)
  • NATO sending 2,000 additional troops to Afghanistan (IHT | EB)


  • States won't be left short of Guard assets, general vows (AFIS)
  • BRAC commission adds five facilities to its review (PI | EB)
  • Congressmen urge N. Virginia building owners to comply with DoD security standards (WT | EB)
  • DoD lawyer defends fairness of tribunal process (MH | EB)
  • Iraq, neighbors calling for quick start to Hussein's trial (LAT | EB)
  • China seeks to extend military reach across Asia (LAT | EB)
  • "China's stealth war on the U.S." -- Opinion (LAT | EB)
  • Administration defends India nuclear deal to allies (WP | EB)
  • Bulgaria to provide support to U.S. military (SS | EB)


  • Assassinations provide another blow to Iraqi political process (Jordan Times | story)
  • More cooperation among Iraq's neighbors needed to fight violence (Arab News | story)
  • Analysis of up coming six-party talks with North Korea (Korea Herald | story)
  • Despite securing of truce, Hamas fighters attack Palestinian leaders' homes (Aljazeera | story)
  • Rebels attack bus in Chechnya, killing 14 (Moscow Times | story)

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Now, when you're talking about a Guard member, you're talking about that member's family. Programs like Family Support are readiness issues. They're just as important as having Humvees. They're just as important as having the [most modern] piece of equipment. (Story)

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum
Chief of the National Guard Bureau


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