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Thursday July 14, 2005

PEO Soldier Mission: To arm and equip Soldiers to dominate the full spectrum of peace and war, now and in the future.

To meet this mission, the Army is re-envisioning the Soldier as a System. Soldiers' warfighting needs are considered a single platform, functioning as a system and integrated with other systems in the same manner as larger systems.

PEO Soldier develops all aspects of Soldier equipment to be integrated, modular, interoperable, and mission-tailorable. As a result, the Soldier gains enhanced performance in all critical areas.

There are three systems within PEO Soldier.
1. Soldier Warrior -- includes Land Warrior and Air Warrior programs that provide improvements in Soldier lethality, survivability, mobility, and sustainment both in the air and on the ground.

2. Soldier Equipment -- includes Sensors & Lasers and Clothing & Individual Equipment programs which provide dismounted Soldiers advanced technologies to support operational environments and "own the night."

3. Solider Weapons -- includes Individual Weapons and Crew-Served Weapons programs that provide support to Soldiers through the development and production of current and future weapon systems, ammunition, and associated target acquisition/fire control products.

Read more about PEO Soldier at www.peosoldier.army.mil.


The U.S. Army Band presents free concerts every Tuesday and Friday night on the U.S. Capitol's west steps in Washington, D.C. Concerts begin at 8:00 p.m. This Friday's concert will include the U.S. Army Chorus and Herald Trumpets.


  • Senate calls for increase in Army by 80,000 (NYT | EB)
  • Report states war putting considerable strain on Army (WT | EB)
  • Civilians earn combat pin for service (ARNEWS)
  • Army approves plan to create school for Red Teaming (TRADOC News)
  • Army e-learning: Promoting professional and personal transformation (TRADOC News)
  • Reich embodied spirit of Soldier-athletes at war (ARNEWS)


  • New Iraq ambassador rethinking reconstruction plan (LAT | EB)
  • New U.S. ambassador ready to help Iraq reach goals (AFIS)
  • Myers stresses political progress in Iraq, Afghanistan (AFIS)
  • Iraqi army foils three terrorist attacks (AFIS)
  • Death toll among Iraqi civilians rising (NYT | EB)
  • Iraq's religious minority worried over freedoms in constitution (WT | EB)
  • Public loosing faith in president, not war (WSJ/EB)
  • Afghanistan unit takes on new mission, name (AFIS)
  • Civil Affairs brigade wraps up Afghanistan mission (ARNEWS)


  • Report concludes abuse at Guantanamo not inhumane (NYT | EB)
  • Panel approved to examine Guard future roles not yet formed after one year (TH | EB)
  • Guard Chief praises new homeland defense strategy (AFIS)
  • Osprey gets cleared for full production (PI | EB)
  • Rice: Administration's strategy responsible for N. Korea turn around (NYT | EB)
  • U.S., Bulgaria working toward base access agreement (ESS | EB)


  • Children victims of recent suicide bomber in Baghdad (Arab News)
  • U.S. claims Syria and Iran responsible for Israel suicide bombing (Jordan Times)
  • Syria agrees to assist U.N. investigation of Lebanese PM's assassination (Daily Star)
  • Negotiators work plan for talks with N. Korea (Korea Herald)
  • Iran, Russia pursue mutual interests (Islamic Republic News Agency)

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We are working to complement our operational transformation by ensuring that our business, force generation, and training functions improve how we support a wartime Army and the other Services. We are divesting functions no longer relevant and reengineering business processes to increase responsiveness to the Combatant Commanders. We seek to improve effectiveness and identify efficiencies that will free human and financial resources to better support operational requirements. (Transcript)

Gen. Richard A. Cody
Vice Chief of Staff of the Army


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