Monday July 11, 2005

- The Iraq Police Service graduated 211 police officers from advanced and specialty courses at the Adnan Training Facility on June 30.

- On July 4, Transitional National Assembly (TNA) Deputy Speaker Husayn Shahristani announced the expansion of the Constitutional Drafting Committee to include 15 Sunni Arabs and one Sabean nominated from outside the TNA to join the constitution-drafting process as core members. Thirteen other Sunni Arabs were also appointed as expert advisors to the committee.

- Iraqi judges, including Chief Justice Medhat, identified the judiciary's top priorities for the constitution. The judges prioritized judicial independence and the protection of individual judges. The group also discussed the role the Iraqi judiciary should play in assessing the constitutionality of Iraqi laws. The statement from the judges will be presented to the Iraqi Constitution Drafting Committee.

- Iraqi soldiers, acting on tips from Iraqi citizens, captured 21 terror suspects during operations in central and west Baghdad.

- The Iraqi women's caucus recently met with USAID to discuss ways to ensure Iraqi organizations and institutions are legally protected regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion.

- On June 30, foreign ministers of Muslim countries pledged cooperation with Iraqi authorities to help end a bloody insurgency waged there by Iraqis and foreign Arabs.

Source: U.S. State Department Iraq Weekly Status Report


On Thursday, July 7, Lt. Gen. James Helmly, Chief of the Army Reserve, awarded 15 Soldiers and their family members with the Welcome Home Citizen-Soldier Award. The award recognizes Soldiers and those who support them, family and employers included. 3,600 Soldiers have been awarded since February. The award includes an encased American flag, a specially designed commemorative coin, lapel pin set for the Soldier, spouse and employer, and a Welcome Home Warrior Citizen flag. (More)


  • Reserve award honors returning warriors, families (ARNEWS)

  • Army War College studies leadership qualities among generals (Parade)

  • National Guard recruiting team stands apart by meeting quotas (DMN | EB)

  • "Army recruiting turns up" -- Opinion (WT/EB)

  • Number of Guard, Reserve troops on active duty declining (NYT | EB)

  • Guard program helps families cope (LHL | EB)

  • Ft. Carson tries to ease transition for brigade (CSG | EB)

  • Debate on women in combat continues (SLPD | EB)

  • Soldiers train to spot explosives at Ft. Bliss (EPT | EB)

  • DIVARTY cases its colors for Army transformation (ARNEWS)

  • Flying Dragons uncase unit colors at Ft. Wainwright (USARAK News)

  • Army awards new AKO contract (ARNEWS)

  • Army, Navy get top-20 finishes in Chicago (ARNEWS)


  • Iraqi forces on track to provide Baghdad election security (AFIS)
  • Drafters of Iraq's constitution face short time to resolve issues (SDUT | EB)
  • Double attacks in Baghdad leave many dead (WP | EB)
  • Baghdad recruiting center attacked (NYT | EB)
  • Task Force Baghdad secures car-bomb site (AFIS)
  • British memo details plans for troop withdrawal from Iraq (WP | EB)
  • Tension, confusion felt between troops and contractors in Iraq (WP | EB)
  • Insurgency is weakened, says U.S. commander (WP | EB)
  • "Al-Qaeda has changed; Bush strategy also needs to shift" -- Opinion (USAT | EB)
  • "We can't win this war the old way" -- Opinion (LAT | EB)


  • War wounded take on cross-country bicycle ride to support troops (WP | EB)
  • DoD seeks more business with service-disabled vets (AFIS)
  • Review boards assessing status of Guantanamo detainees (AFIS)
  • Surgeon general report states U.S. was not adequately prepared to handle detainees (WP | EB)
  • Guard carries out state missions despite deployments (AFIS)
  • Al-Qaeda evolving into 'franchises' (CSM | EB)
  • N. Korea takes pride in nuclear capabilities (LAT | EB)
  • N. Korea agrees to return to talks (NYT | EB)
  • China, Latin America becoming closer allies (MH | EB)


  • Rice rejects demand to remove troops from Asia (Moscow Times)
  • U.S., U.K. consider troop reduction by next year (Alzajeera)
  • Four prisoners escape U.S. custody in Afghanistan (BBC)
  • Talks begin between U.S. and China, agreements expected (China Daily)
  • Israel, Palestine working out details of Gaza withdrawal (Middle East Times)

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July 11, 2005
Modern Marvels: Camouflage, History Channel, 7:00 p.m. (More)

The Fight for Baghdad, Discovery Times channel, 9:00 p.m. (More)

July 12, 2005
Modern Marvels: Cannons, History Channel, 7:00 p.m. (More)

World War II Battlefront: North Africa, Military Channel, 9:00 p.m. (More)


Our ability to supply the force is keeping pace with our ability to field the force, so far, and perhaps most importantly, we are identifying poor performers, rooting out corruption wherever we can and replacing those personnel accordingly. (Story)

Gen. Babakir Shawkat Zebari
Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Joint Forces


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