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Friday July 8, 2005

Earlier this month...the Gallup Organization reported that the American people's confidence in the armed forces is at the top of all institutions in our society, and that continues to be the trend. We're humbled by the faith that the American people have placed in us, and we realize that we cannot take this faith for granted.

America remains a nation at war....while this is not just the Army's war, we acutely feel its burdens. Our Army exists to serve the American people, to protect enduring national interests, and to fulfill our national military requirements.

We continue to do so now in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the globe, deterring aggression and securing our homeland. We are doing all of this and transforming at the same time to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Today's Soldiers epitomizes the principles of selfless service.

Like those in generations past who have worn the uniform and borne arms in the nation's defense, today's Soldiers understand that our constitutional liberties...are worth fighting for.

In fact, by raising their right hand and taking the oath of military service, with its obligations and risks, today's Soldiers have proudly answered the call to duty that pierces the air once again. And I'm humbled by their service and sacrifices.

It is critical to recognize and acknowledge the war-induced strain felt by our institution, and the Soldiers and their families who are bearing the burden of this global war.

It is important to remember...that the challenges and opportunities are not simply the Army's to face; they are America's challenges. And we will not succeed without congressional support and the support of the American people.

Our nation is asking much of its Army, and I remain confident that we will continue to do our part as we achieve the critical mission we face together.


  • Army transformation helping lower costs, fulfill strategic roles (DD/EB)

  • Brigade's re-enlistments in Iraq exceed expectations (AFIS)

  • Review finds abuse cases are isolated incidents (WP | EB)

  • Army assessment finds few lapses in prisoner medical care (NYT)

  • England to plead not guilty in second court-martial (WP | EB)

  • Army divers search waters of Vietnam for wreckage (ARNEWS)

  • Golden Medic exercise challenges Reserve Soldiers (ARNEWS)

  • USA Express delivers music to remote troops (ARNEWS)


  • Ranking Iraqi general reflects on year of progress (AFIS)
  • Secretary refutes claims military stuck in quagmire in Iraq (AFIS)
  • Operation Lightning coming to a close (BG/EB)
  • Iraqi, US forces detain more than 60 terrorists (ARNEWS)
  • Task Force Liberty and Iraqi army soldiers find caches near Balad (MNF-I News)
  • Corps Of Engineers assisting in building health clinics in Iraq (AFIS)
  • Kidnapped Egyptian diplomat assassinated (NYT | EB)
  • Attack on medical group highlights Taliban desperation (AFIS)
  • Iran, Iraq commit to military cooperation (MH | EB)
  • "Is it a war, or isn't it?" -- Opinion (NRO | EB)


  • London attacks indicate an evolving al Qaeda (WP | EB)
  • Bush launches fast response to London bombings (PI | EB)
  • Analysts see similarity between London and Madrid bombings (WP | EB)
  • Virginia Senator questions base closure plan's legality (WP | EB)
  • New housing allowance guidelines won't result in pay (AFIS)
  • Death benefits, insurance increase for servicemembers (AFIS)
  • Judge rules no government money for Boy Scout retreat (NYT | EB)
  • America Supports You rally recognizes other troop support organizations (CS | EB)
  • Navy asked to help in search for girl missing in Aruba (NYDN | EB)
  • Uzbekistan considering evicting U.S. from strategic air base (NYT | EB)


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July 8, 2005
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