Friday June 24, 2005

The Army Modular Force Initiative--the Army's most important transformational initiative--involves the total redesign of the Operational Army into a larger, more powerful, more flexible and more rapidly deployable force and moves the Army from a division-centric structure to one built around the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) Unit of Action (UA).

Modular-designed units provide Combatant Commanders with lethal, agile, and versatile forces--with boots on the ground, ready-to-fight-on-arrival characteristics, and endurance for sustained land combat.

The Army Modular Force Initiative is formally linked with the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. Called the Future Combat Strategy, it is at the center of the Army's strategy to meet the full spectrum of irregular, traditional, disruptive and catastrophic challenges now and in the future. These initiatives will address capability gaps for the Army that could be exploited by adaptive networked opponents in uncertain, changing conditions.

The transition to a modular force accomplishes the following:

a. Creates standardized "plug and play" modules
b. Increases the number of combat brigades and rotational depth
c. Enhances joint planning and execution
d. Streamlines higher-level headquarters requirements

To learn more about the Army Modular Force, watch a video on the subject located in the Professional Video Collection.

Source: Army Public Affairs, Strategic Planning Division & Army G-3


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  • Iraq and neighbors to rebuild relations (Jordan Times)
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June 24
Animal Cops: A Soldier's Best Friend, Animal Planet, 9 p.m. (More)

Firepower: Airborne Assault, Military Channel, 10 p.m. (More)

June 24-26
The Army will showcase the Future Combat System and the Future Force Warrior at the NextFest in Chicago. The NextFest symposium features cutting-edge technologies and electronics. (More)

June 26
The U.S. Army Field Band's Jazz Ambassadors will participate in the Barrington, Ill., Freedom Festival. (More)

Special Forces: 21st Century Warrior, Military Channel, 8 and 11 p.m (More)

Special Forces: 82nd Airborne Division, Military Channel, 9 p.m. (More)

June 27 - 30
AUSA's Medical Symposium and Exhibition will be held in San Antonio, Texas. (More)


There's no doubt that transforming the Army into the modular design - while we simultaneously conduct operations in two theaters, maintain our worldwide security commitments, and continue to secure the homeland - is very challenging, but it is also absolutely critical to meeting the requirements of the 21st Century security environment.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army

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