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Wednesday June 15, 2005

The Army's operational concept is the core statement of its doctrine. It is not static, but evolves and is shaped by the Nation's requirements for landpower, the operational environment, and emerging capabilities.

There are four fundamentals which underlie the operational concept.
1. Combined arms involves the complementary application of the different Army branches.

2. Joint interdependence describes the complementary use of Army forces with those of other Services as part of the joint force.

3. Full spectrum operations combine offensive, defensive, stability and reconstruction, and civil support operations.

4. Mission command is the Army's preferred method for commanding and controlling forces.

The Army's operational concept is seizing, retaining, and exploiting the initiative with speed, shock, surprise, depth, simultaneity, and endurance.

- Initiative, in its operational sense, is setting or dictating the terms of action throughout an operation.

- Speed is the ability of land forces to act rapidly.

- Shock is the application of violence of such magnitude that the enemy force is stunned and helpless to reverse the situation.

- Surprise involves the delivery of a powerful blow at a time and place for which the adversary is unprepared.

- Depth, a function of space and reach, is the ability to operate across the entire area of operations.

- Simultaneity, a function of time, confronts opponents with multiple actions occurring at once.

- Endurance is the ability to survive and persevere over time.

Source: FM 1, chapter 3.


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  • Future Soldiers take oath at Army birthday celebration (WT | EB)
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  • Coalition transfers base to Iraqi army (ARNEWS)
  • Rumsfeld, Pace speak about future in Iraq (AFIS)
  • Rumsfeld unsure of troop withdrawal timetable (BS | EB)
  • Iraqi army conducts first air assault mission (ARNEWS)
  • Kurdish officials approve abduction in Kirkuk (WP | EB)
  • Increase in suicide attacks points to religious zealots (USAT | EB)
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  • WWIII: The global unconventional war on terror (USASOC News)
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  • Administration debates fate of Guantanamo prison (LAT | EB)
  • Secretary defends Guantanamo Bay detention center (AFIS)
  • House to review $409 billion defense bill (WP | EB)
  • CD raises awareness for Armed Services YMCA (AFIS)
  • 103 reenlist aboard Battleship Missouri on 61st Anniversary of ship's first commissioning (USARPAC News)
  • U.S. shifts flights out of critical Uzbek air base (WP | EB)
  • U.S. doubts N. Korea will give up nuclear program (NYT | EB)
  • Saudi Arabia resisting U.N. nuclear review (WT | EB)
  • U.N. peacekeeping forces pushing line of neutrality (CSM | EB)


  • Explosions rock Iraqi army base north of Baghdad (Aljazeera)
  • North and South Korea celebrate anniversary of summit (International Herald Tribune)
  • Former U.S. secretary of state says China is not a military threat (China Daily)
  • 8,000 Israelis volunteer for duty during pullout; police using caution accepting new recruits (Jerusalem Post)
  • Second U.N. team dispatched to verify Syrian pullout (Daily Star)

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June 16, 2005
Soldier Modernization Day. A team of military researchers, developers, testers and engineers will host Senators and their Congressional staffers to a technology display showcasing the latest innovations in Soldier technology. (More)

The Military Channel will air a three-part special "Best Ranger" competition from 8 - 11 p.m. EDT. (Story)


The change in the strategic environment has forced us to review how we do business to better counter evolving threats. The last time we reviewed and rewrote FM 1 was June 2001, just four months before our enemies attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Today we are a nation at war. And our new doctrine reflects the depth and urgency of our journey. (Video)

Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker
Chief of Staff of the Army


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