Friday May 27, 2005

"America Supports You" is a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense in November 2004 that showcases the many ways America is showing its support for service members and their families.

The program is designed to gather information about and recognize the many activities Americans are doing to support our troops. More importantly, "America Supports You " lets service members and their families know about these programs.

Individuals or groups can join the "America Supports You" team by submitting information about their activities through the official website at

The website offers detailed information on the program, including materials such as press kits, downloadable logos, stories of support, and an ever-growing page of responses from service members around the world.

Read about many other ways you can support our troops. Go to


A Season for Remembrance
"A Season for Remembrance" is the newest web special on the Army Home Page. The site features war letters and poetry, as well as a list of events celebrating a variety of memorial activities over the next few months. View the website at

The Memorial Day message from Dr. Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff, and Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston is available on line at


  • "The nobility of military service" by Gen. Peter Schoomaker (The Hill)
  • Boeing's lag in radio system affects FCS (CT | EB)
  • Secretary Rumsfeld salutes troops during visit to Ft. Bragg (FO | EB)
  • Online video games becoming recruiting tool (WP | EB)
  • Pacific islands prime recruiting ground, with sacrifice (USAT | EB)
  • '5-25' campaign increases IED awareness (ARNEWS)
  • Sergeant acquitted on charges of killing unarmed Iraqi (HC | EB)
  • England waives second Article 32 (ARNEWS)


  • Operations Disrupt Enemy give Iraqi forces experience (AFIS)
  • Iraqis deploy forces in major operation against insurgents (NYT | EB)
  • Sectarian roots seen in recent Iraqi murders (NYT | EB)
  • Former insurgent strong hold, Haifa Street, seeing peace (CSM | EB)
  • Iraqis worried over strategy of new prime minister (USAT | EB)
  • Three detainees escape from Abu Ghraib (AFIS)
  • Syria border control captures hundreds (MH | EB)
  • Pentagon confirms five minor Koran incidents (WP | EB)
  • National Endowment for the Arts collecting Soldiers' memoirs, stories (AFIS)


  • Moment of Remembrance aims to put 'memorial' back in Memorial Day (AFIS)
  • Senators pressing for release of BRAC decisional data (WP | EB)
  • Base closure funds preserved (MH | EB)
  • Guaranteed funding approved for veterans mental health care (PI | EB)
  • U.S. embassy in Indonesia closes due to threat of attack (NYT | EB)


  • Syria rejects U.S. claim that border control is lax (Aljazeera)
  • Bush meets with Palestinian leader, confirms support (Jordan Times)
  • Bomb at Pakistani shrine kills at least 20 (Aljazeera)
  • U.S. blamed for deteriorating relations with Venezuela (El Universal)
  • E.U. recommends expanding energy cooperation with Iran (Islamic Republic News Agency)
  • India and China armies conducting joint training (China Daily)

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May 29, 2005
The Soldiers' Chorus of the U.S. Army Field Band will appear with the National Symphony Orchestra at the National Memorial Day concert broadcast from the U.S. Capitol on Sunday starting at 8 p.m. This will be carried live on most Public Broadcasting Stations nationwide. For more information, go to

May 30, 2005
A ceremony will be held at Arlington National Cemetery in observance of the 137th Memorial Day. Hosted by Maj. Gen. Galen B. Jackman, the event will include a wreath-laying and a remembrance ceremony. For more information, go to

May 28-30, 2005
The Army's Volunteers Band will perform at Disney World's Epcot Center and the Magic Kingdom for all three days of the Memorial Day weekend.


As Soldiers, you have answered the call to duty, and you are performing magnificently. America supports you as you go in harm's way. You reflect America's values as you serve our society, and are the best citizens our Nation has to offer. (Message)

Dr. Francis J. Harvey, Secretary of the Army
Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff of the Army
Kenneth O. Preston, Sergeant Major of the Army

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