Wednesday May 18, 2005

 The Department of Defense is currently designed for the Cold War. It must change to face the new demands of the war against extremism and other evolving challenges.

 Through extensive consultation with the Service secretaries, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Combatant Commanders, a panel of high-ranking military and civilian officials developed criteria and matrices to assess every U.S. facility, every piece of DOD infrastructure and every military base in the United States.

 The analyses used certified data under a process monitored by the Government Accountability Office and the Department's inspection and audit agencies.

 As required by law, the primary factor in each BRAC decision was an assessment of an installation's military value.

 "Jointness" was emphasized during BRAC deliberations.

 The Department also considered potential contingency and surge requirements, as required by statute, and possible increases in active duty troop levels.

 Other key factors the Department examined included:
- The economic impact on communities in the vicinities of the installations;
- The extent and timing of potential costs and savings;
- The ability of existing and potential receiving communities to support forces, missions and personnel; and
-The environmental impact, including the impact of costs related to environmental restoration, compliance and waste management.

 The Department has completed its statutory role in the BRAC process. Further decisions and deliberations will be made by the BRAC Commission, the President and Congress.

Source: DoD


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We face an enemy that is dispersed throughout the world. It does not operate the same way as a traditional enemy -- it has no territory to defend and no permanent bases to safeguard. Our enemy is constantly adapting and so must we. (Transcript)

Donald H. Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


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