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Thursday April 21, 2005

BRAC is designed to gain efficiencies and save money. In addition, BRAC 2005 facilitates transformation, joint basing, and training and operations.

For DoD, BRAC can achieve many goals:

- Eliminate excess infrastructure
- Reshape the military
- Facilitate joint operations
- Optimize military readiness
- Realize significant savings in support of transforming DoD

BRAC 2005 can make a profound contribution to transformation by balancing the Army's structure with its defense strategy. By creating joint organizational and basing solutions, the Army can:

- Ease joint missions
- Reduce waste
- Save money
- Free resources to recruit quality people
- Modernize equipment
- Develop the abilities needed to meet 21st century threats

BRAC provides the Army support to meet the challenges of today's world.

BRAC 2005 will include potential realignment and closures of U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard facilities. The focus will be on consolidating and realigning such facilities to maximize savings, reduce footprints, and enhance the mobilization process.

BRAC 2005 will be different from previous rounds in that there will be more:
- Joint approaches and solutions
- Public-private cooperation
- Proactive communications
- Interagency cooperation

The Army will work hard to communicate BRAC 2005 goals and strategies. The Army remains committed to working with BRAC 2005 communities to repeat past successes.

Source: ARNEWS Commentary from the U.S. Army Base Realignment and Closure Office


Free Admission to Sea World and Busch Gardens Parks
As part of its "Heroes Salute" to honor the U.S. Armed Services, Anheuser-Busch is offering free single-day admission to its Sea World and Busch Gardens theme parks to active duty military, active reservists, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guardsmen, and up to three dependents throughout 2005. All active duty, active reserve, ready reserve service members or National Guard are entitled to free admission under the program. Servicemembers can register online at http://www.herosalute.com/ or at the entrance plaza of participating parks. A DoD photo ID is required.


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  • Iraq president says mass killing did take place (NYT | EB)
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  • Iraq insurgents change focus from U.S. to Iraqi troops (WSJ/EB)
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  • Task force set up for BRAC communications (ID/EB)
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  • Asian leaders ask China, Japan to end dispute (WP | EB)
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  • Iraq's outgoing PM escapes assassination attempt (Aljazeera)
  • Talibani: Hostages' bodies found (Aljazeera)
  • Saudi Arabian citizens go to the polls (Arab News)
  • Political parties in Iraq see breakthrough as violence rages (Middle East Times)
  • Rice conveys criticism and praise of Russia (Moscow Times)
  • Ecuador's president voted out, granted asylum in Brazil (BBC)

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...BRAC is a good thing. It says to the taxpayers of America...we care about your dollars, and we're going to see that the dollars are spent in an intelligent way on things that are actually needed, rather than wasted funds. So it's a good thing, this BRAC. (Transcript)

Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense


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