Wednesday April 20, 2005

The new E-5 promotion policy does not result in automatic promotions nor does it change Army standards for promotion.

Unit leadership remains an integral part of the promotion process. Commanders have the responsibility to deny list integration if Soldiers are not trained or otherwise unqualified. The commander makes the final decision on whether a Soldier is ready for increased leadership responsibility.

A downward trend in promotable Soldiers and increasing requirements for promotion have led to NCO shortages. The Army has implemented this policy to ensure a viable population of promotable Soldiers exists in order to meet the increasing demand for NCOs.

The Soldiers being integrated:
- Have at least four years in service
- Have, in many cases, two years time in grade
- Are likely combat veterans
- Most have reenlisted
- Are fully qualified for promotion to Sergeant

Promotions from this population will only occur in Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) when the operating strength falls below 100 percent and after all other eligible boarded Soldiers have been selected.

After one month of list integrated promotions, the number of MOS below 100 percent strength at Sergeant has decreased by 20 percent.

Source: ARNEWS Commentary by Brig. Gen. Howard B. Bromberg, Director, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate, Human Resource Command


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The only time anyone is automatically promoted is when all Soldiers who have gone through (board) procedures are promoted and the MOS is still not 100 percent for the E-5 grade. (Story)

Sgt. Maj. Gerald Purcell
G1 Personnel Policy Integrator for Enlisted Professional Development


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