Tuesday April 19, 2005

"Harnessing Army Knowledge"

In August 2004, the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center implemented the Battle Command Knowledge System (BCKS) which is designed to facilitate the communication of knowledge between Soldiers, units, and commands.

BCKS streamlines information, getting relevant knowledge to Soldiers more quickly. It works like a Web browser.

There are four major areas of BCKS:

1. Leader Network - allows communication between Soldiers and peers

2. Unit Network - provides tactical support information to units.

3. Warrior Knowledge Base - serves as a central repository focusing on Army knowledge and best practices.

4. Rapid Knowledge and Solutions Generation Network -allows users to place requests for information that can be forwarded to a network of approximately 400 subject matter experts.

The Army recognized the need for BCKS when it noticed its young officers and enlisted Soldiers using current technologies, such as chat rooms, Web sites and e-mail, to share professional knowledge and experiences. BCKS was built to facilitate this information exchange with a secure but nonrestrictive environment.

Active duty Soldiers, Reserve Soldiers and National Guardsmen can access the Battle Command Knowledge System at An AKO username and password is required to gain access.

Source: The Fort Leavenworth Lamp (Online)


Army Logisticians: Delivering Materiel Readiness has been added to's Professional Video Collection. Click here to view the video.


  • Guard car near top in Nextel Cup standings (ARNEWS)
  • Operation Purple Camp comes to Europe (USAREUR News)
  • 'Wish list' of detainee interrogation tactics cited (WP | EB)
  • Soldier's testimony paints Akbar as isolated, disconnected (FO | EB)
  • "G.I. Jane is here to stay" -- Opinion (PPG | EB)
  • Army simplifies environmental quality reporting (USAEC News)


  • Cabinet appointments delayed, disputes growing (USAT | EB)
  • Assassination of Iraqi official in Baghdad (NYT | EB)
  • No hostages found in Iraqi forces search (LAT | EB)
  • Border city in Iraq faces much violence (USAT | EB)
  • Detainees remain the best source of information on Al Qaeda (WT | EB)
  • Insurgents staging more sophisticated attacks (WP | EB)
  • Iraqi army, U.S. Soldiers arrest former general, defuse IEDs (ARNEWS)
  • Rebuilding Fallujah slow due to increased security (WP | EB)
  • DoD Joint Task Force making progress against IED threat (AFIS)
  • Shiite bloc says it won't oppose execution of Hussein (WP | EB)
  • Taliban radio station touts anti-government message (WT | EB)
  • Afghans turning in weapons to military, civil authorities (AFIS)


  • DoD expands existing whistleblower protections (AFIS)
  • DoD close to $6M sponsorship deal on renaming RFK Stadium (WP | EB)
  • Defense contract reforms of the 1990s up for review (NYT | EB)
  • Pentagon review board approves funding for unmanned spy plane (WSJ/EB)
  • Kevlar shorts not in huge demand (DMN | EB)
  • N. Korea hints at a growing nuclear arsenal (USAT | EB)
  • U.S. and Seoul debate N. Korea's next step (WSJ/EB)
  • Iran fighting global sanctions with its oil fields (NYT | EB)
  • India, Pakistan promise to bolster peace efforts (USAT/EB)
  • Japan and China remain in political deadlock (WP | EB)
  • Moussaoui intends to plead guilty to involvement in 9/11 (WP | EB)


  • Military ties between U.S. and S. Korea in transition (Korea Herald)
  • Australia, China agree to begin trade talks (The Australian)
  • Palestine seeks more coordination from Israel on Gaza Strip pullout (Middle East Times)

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BCKS [Battle Command Knowledge System]provides the right information or knowledge, to the right person, at the right time and [in]the right format.

Lt. Col. Joe T. Koskey
Director, BCKS


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