Thursday April 14, 2005

Secretary Rumsfeld is traveling in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of operations this week. Tuesday, he met with Coalition military leaders and Iraqi officials, and held a town hall-style meeting with Soldiers of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division ("Rock of the Marne") at Camp Liberty near Baghdad. Following are highlights of remarks he made after a re-enlistment and medal presentation ceremony at the town hall.

Challenges in the Global War on Terror are somewhat different from those of previous wars. While soldiers must still succeed in combat, victory also depends on success in construction and civil affairs.

The global Coalition fashioned after September 11th has taken the offensive against terrorist regimes.

The Coalition has attacked the underpinnings of terrorist ideology by offering those who might be drawn to extremism the opportunity to choose freedom instead of death.

The Coalition's task is to support the transition of responsibility for Iraq's security to the country's security forces.

Iraqi forces must develop the capabilities and confidence to provide the Iraqi people the security they deserve to build a democratic and representative system.

Coalition forces will continue working with Iraqi forces, helping to train and equip them.

There is not an exit strategy out of Iraq; there is a victory strategy.

The United States is not in Iraq because Americans or their government covet anyone's land, oil or people. U.S. troops are in Iraq for a mission - to be part of the Coalition that helps Iraq onto a path of democracy, freedom and representative government.

As the political, economic and security capabilities develop in Iraq, the responsibilities of the Coalition will decline.

Source: DoD


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When it came time to drive the terrorists and insurgents from Fallujah, Soldiers of the First Cavalry Division spearheaded the assault. The 'First Team,' was first in Fallujah. (Story)

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