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Thursday April 7, 2005

Secretary of the Army Dr. Francis J. Harvey announced on Tuesday a restructuring of the business aspects of the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. The changes are comprehensive and include contractual, programmatic and managerial improvements.

The improvements will formally link the FCS program to the Army Modular Force Initiative through a Future Combat Force Strategy that establishes a framework for the continuous progression of the current modular force into the future one.

The Future Combat Force Strategy provides for the spiraling of FCS-based technologies into the current modular force, integration of current combat lessons in areas of doctrine, organization, equipment and other key elements and into the force, and eventual incorporation of advanced manned combat platforms developed in the FCS program.

Secretary Harvey directed that the current FCS Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with the lead system integrator (The Boeing Co./SAIC) be changed from an OTA to a Federal Acquisition Regulation-based contract that would include the Truth in Negotiations Act, the Procurement Integrity Act; Cost Accountability Standards, and an Organizational Conflicts of Interest clause.

Secretary Harvey also directed the establishment of the Army Modular Force Integration Office to ensure that technologies are spiraled into the current force as soon as they are ready, and integrate and coordinate the program with co-evolution of joint war fighting doctrine and the Army's emerging global communication and information infrastructure.

Secretary Harvey and General Schoomaker will conduct an in depth review of the program a minimum of three times a year. Secretary Harvey, in close consultation with General Schoomaker, will also serve as the Army lead for all major changes to the program.

As an additional oversight measure, the Army Audit Agency, the Army Science Board, and an outside panel of advisors will conduct periodic independent cost, schedule and technical viability assessments.

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Future Combat Systems (FCS) is the core building block of the Army's Future Force. FCS-equipped Units of Action (UA) will be the Army's future tactical warfighting echelon; a dominant ground combat force that complements a dominant Joint team. FCS will greatly improve the strategic deployability and operational maneuver capability of ground combat formations without sacrificing lethality or survivability.


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[T]he Future Combat Force strategy formally links the Future Combat System and the Army Modular Force Initiative in a way that we will spiral in technologies and evolve this current Army modular force to the future one.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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