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Wednesday March 30, 2005

The White House announced yesterday that President Bush will present the Medal of Honor to the widow of SFC Paul R. Smith on Apr. 4, 2005.

SFC Paul Smith, a combat engineer, was killed Apr. 4, 2003 in the Battle for Baghdad Airport.

He died defending his Soldiers when his platoon was vastly outnumbered.

Rather than withdraw from his objective, he led soldiers to engage the enemy force with grenades, an antitank missile launcher, and individual weapons to take control of a .50 caliber machine gun turret.

He laid down fire to protect his company and hold his objective until he was killed.

His courageous actions stopped the threat to the Task Force's flank and allowed the safe withdrawal of wounded Soldiers.

SFC Paul Smith lived the Warrior Ethos. He was a true American hero, who, while leading and providing covering fire for his Soldiers, paid the ultimate sacrifice.

SFC Paul Smith answered a noble calling - the Call to Duty

- Because of his actions, more than 100 Soldiers live today
- We celebrate his life; we are glad there are Soldiers like Sergeant Smith; they make our nation great

Saving lives: Personal Courage is at the Core of Army Values

- SFC Smith represented all four points of the Warrior Ethos:
- He always placed the mission first.
- He never accepted defeat.
- He never quit.
- He never left a fallen comrade.
- He exemplified every one of the Army's Values


www.Army.mil, the Army's Homepage, celebrates the life of SFC Paul R. Smith and honors his service and sacrifice with a new web special. The microsite details the story of this extraordinary Soldier, his actions during the Battle of Baghdad Airport, and how he exemplifies the Warrior Ethos. Click here to view the site at https://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/


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The Medal of Honor epitomizes the very best of what America stands for and honors the gallant individuals who have received it. These special people represent the very heart and soul of America...These gallant souls, in their heroism and their humility, epitomize the nobility of service to country and of service above self. Americans for all times will treasure the gifts that these brave warriors have given to all of us so selflessly.

Former President George H.W. Bush

Portraits of Valor beyond the Call of Duty
Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation


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