Friday March 25, 2005

The Army has implemented a new policy that will increase annual funding for installations.

Beginning this year, the Army will fund Base Operation Support (BOS) and Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) through the normal review of current year programs with the goal of funding these programs up to 90 percent.

Beginning in FY07, the Army will fund both BOS and SRM at 90 percent annually.

Funding installations to 90 percent of requirements provides a more predictable level of funding that gives garrison commanders more control in managing their communities.

The first priority this year is to upgrade facilities and infrastructure.

The Installation Management Agency (IMA) will program the funds to provide infrastructure upgrades and services that have been most lacking during recent months.

The IMA will oversee the distribution of funds, to include ensuring that installation funding is distributed equitably.

Installations are flagships. This new policy for installation funding will aid in attaining the four strategies of the 2005 Army Posture Statement.

- Providing Relevant and Ready Landpower in support of the Combatant Commanders and the Joint force to sustain the full range of our global commitments.
- Training and Equipping our Soldiers to Serve as Warriors and Growing Adaptive Leaders who are highly competent, flexible and able to deal with the 21st century challenges they now confront.
- Attaining A Quality Of Life And Well-Being For Our People that match the quality of the service they provide.
- Providing Infrastructure to Enable the Force to fulfill its strategic roles and missions by establishing and maintaining the infrastructure and information network required to develop, to generate, to train, and to sustain the force.

Investment in the installations that are home to Soldiers and their families, and the workplace for our civilians, will continue to play a vital role in attracting and retaining volunteers to serve. (Read the Army News Story)


A presentation titled The Army Modular Force: Changing Now to Meet Operational Challenges, given by Colonel Rickey Smith, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), is available through online streaming video. To watch the video and briefing on line, click here.


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The well-being of Soldiers and their families is my number one priority....We can't ask our Soldiers to go in harm's way and then ask them to stay in substandard barracks. It's not going to happen on my watch. (Transcript)

Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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