Thursday March 24, 2005

"The Army Strategy for the Environment: Sustain the Mission, Secure the Future," is a six-point strategy:

- Foster a Sustainability Ethic: Foster an ethic within the Army that takes us beyond environmental compliance to sustainability.

- Strengthen Army Operations: Strengthen Army operational capability by reducing our environmental footprint through more sustainable practices.

- Meet Test, Training, and Mission Requirements: Meet current and future training and testing and other mission requirements by sustaining land, air, and water resources.

- Minimize Impacts and Total Ownership Costs: Minimize impacts and total ownership costs of Army systems, materiel, facilities, and operations by integrating the principles and practices of sustainability.

- Enhance Well-Being: Enhance the well-being of our Soldiers, civilians, families, neighbors, and communities through leadership in sustainability.

- Drive Innovation: Use innovative technology and the principles of sustainability to meet user needs and anticipate future Army challenges.

The new strategy builds on the lessons learned from sustainability pilot programs conducted at several Army installations and, building on their success, institutionalizes those efforts.

The strategy will build stronger relationships with local communities in order to find common solutions to environmental issues, while protecting training lands for Soldiers. (Read more)


2005 Army Posture Statement

The annual Army Posture Statement is a summary of Army roles, missions, accomplishments, plans, and programs, designed to reinforce the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Army posture and budget testimony before Congress.
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  • Army chief sees war from ground up (TT/EB)
  • Test program to up RC enlistment age (ARNEWS)
  • Army falling short in recruiting (WP | EB)


  • US-backed Iraqi forces raid insurgent camp (NYT | EB)

  • Iraqi forces raid terrorist camps (ARNEWS)

  • Insurgents take heavy hit in Iraq (WP | EB)

  • Taliban suspects killed in nighttime attacks (PI | EB)

  • Two years in Iraq: Coalition requires work, commitment (AFIS)

  • Two years in Iraq: 2005 to be pivotal, General says (AFIS)

  • Iraq establishes oil security battalions (WT | EB)

  • Sunnis seek to participate in Iraqi government (CSM | EB)

  • Army secretary says troops in Iraq "well led, trained, equipped" (AFIS)

  • Senators encouraged by Iraq progress (TH | EB)



  • South Korea threatens "diplomatic war" with Japan (China Daily)
  • UN Chief issues warning on Ivory Coast (Hindustan Times)
  • Protesters invade Kyrgyz president's palace (BBC News)

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"...[O]ur mission is only accomplished because America entrusts us with its most precious resources - its sons and daughters. It is our obligation to ensure that our Soldiers today - and the Soldiers of the future - have the land, water and air resources they need to train; a healthy environment in which to live; and the support of local communities and the American people."

Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker
Chief of Staff of the Army


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