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Friday March 11, 2005

The 2005 Army Posture Statement provides an overview of today's Army. It describes how the Army is executing four overarching, interrelated strategies needed to accomplish the enduring mission. These strategies are:

1. Relevant, Ready Landpower to support the Combatant Commanders and the Joint Force to sustain the full range of our global commitments.

2. Training and Equipping Soldiers to Serve as Warriors and Growing Adaptive Leaders who are highly competent, flexible and able to deal with 21st challenges they now confront.

3. Attaining a Quality of Life and Well-Being for Our People that match the quality of service they provide.

4. Providing Infrastructure to Enable the Force to Fulfill its Strategic Roles by establishing and maintaining the infrastructure and information network required to develop, to generate, to train and to sustain the force.

The Army's strategic goal:
To remain relevant and ready by providing the Joint Force with essential capabilities to dominate across the full range of operations.

The Army's mission:
To provide necessary forces and capabilities to the Combatant Commanders in support of National Security and Defense Strategies.


Army Public Affairs held its annual Worldwide Public Affairs Symposium this week in Virginia. BG Vincent Brooks, Chief of Public Affairs, led the professional development event with a focus on "Leading a Culture of Engagement" through innovative communications. The GWOT is being fought in the Information Battle Space and leaders must reach out to both traditional and non-traditional audiences to tell the Army story. Defense Department and Army leaders (including CJCS, SA, CSA, VCSA, CAR, Chief NGB) addressed PA professionals from across the Army. A common thread was the critical importance of Public Affairs in keeping the American people informed about the Army's key role in winning the Global War on Terrorism.


The NASCAR UAW-Daimler/Chrysler 400 will be held on 13 March in Las Vegas. Check your local Fox listings to see Joe Nemechek, Army-sponsored NASCAR driver, continue his quest to make this year another "Top-20" season.

To read more about Army Racing, the vehicles and the drivers, go to www.army.mil/racing.


  • "Armor for the troops: The Pentagon view" Letter (NYT | eb)
  • Blue to Green program starting off slow (ESS | eb)
  • Dream of opportunity leads to 'lip service' in Iraq (CENTCOM News)
  • DoD, Army make improvements in detainee processes (AFIS)


  • Shiites, Kurds to sign agreement for new government (WT | eb)
  • New roadside bomb protection device nearly ready (CQT | eb)
  • U.N. Secretary General calls for terrorism treaty (MH | eb)
  • War compels Pentagon to rethink larger strategy (LAT | eb)
  • U.S. military continues to improve detainee handling (AFIS)
  • Pentagon looking to move more Guantanamo detainees (NYT | eb)
  • Afghan IGs visit U.S. to improve their school (ARNEWS)
  • Children prisoners at Abu Ghraib (NYT | eb)


  • U.S., Europe agree on Iran approach (NYT | eb)
  • S. Korean president tells U.S. to keep out of regional affairs (WT | eb)
  • S. Korean aid to North creating tension with U.S. (WSJ eb)
  • U.N. to give Syria an ultimatum (WP | eb)
  • Coalition forces return ancient ruins site to Iraqi citizens (AEC News)
  • QDR-related document details plans for military's future (WSJ eb)
  • State initiatives to help military increasing (AJC eb)
  • Communities affected by BRAC have transition partner (AFIS)
  • Abuse inquiry to continue due to skepticism of report (USAT eb)


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Our Nation is blessed with the world's finest Army, an all-volunteer force representing the best that our country has to offer...Since becoming the Secretary of the Army three months ago, I have become more impressed with all of our uniformed people.

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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