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Thursday March 10, 2005

The Army is making great progress in its most profound transformation since World War II.

The Army Campaign Plan (ACP) provides authoritative direction for this change.

The Game Plan reinforces the ACP by providing leader objectives and corresponding priorities to reinforce the success of the ACP.

The FY05 Game Plan:
- Provides a common perspective of our operating environment.
- Reinforces the strategic intent in the Strategic Planning Guidance and Campaign Plan.
- Reemphasizes the role leaders play to lead change.
- Adds impetus to change our culture to reflect the realities of our new operating context.

The FY05 Game Plan establishes seven leadership objectives for leading change:

1. Reinforce Our Centerpiece: Soldiers as Warriors

2. Tell the Army Story Effectively

3. Resource the Force To Execute Its Strategic Requirements

4. Maintain the Viability of the All-Volunteer Force

5. Change Army Culture to Reflect New Realities

6. Articulate the Strategic Rationale for Joint and Service Future Capabilities

7. Adapt the Institutional Army to Meet the Needs of the Emerging Operational Army

These leader priorities:
- Focus and unify efforts to address critical issues
- Are intended to provide broad strategic direction - not to be overly prescriptive or directive.
- Apply differently to each command and staff organization, based on organizational mission and individual assessments.
- Are intended to stimulate strategic thinking and encourage initiative and creativity in the application of strategic leadership.


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  • Former Lebanon PM reappointed (Aljazeera)
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[T]he Army isn't just an ordinary institution, it's a great institution with an unparalleled set of enduring core values, a long, rich tradition and a demonstrated ability to change and adapt to new situations. Our traditions and the timeless Army values...have been forged on battlefields around the world by the bravery and dedication of millions of American Soldiers. (Transcript)

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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