Wednesday March 9, 2005

Today we introduce a new, online version of Stand To to mark the 100th edition of this daily compendium of news, information and context first introduced to Army leaders on Oct. 7, 2004. This web-based version of Stand-To will make the product even more portable, readable and accessible. Subscribers can now read it on the web from any location and link easily to features and news stories.


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  • DuBois sworn in as acting undersecretary of the Army (ARNEWS)
  • TRADOC hosts Interservice Training Summit (TRADOC News)
  • Primary Leadership Development Course adapts to modern warfare (TRADOC News)
  • Steady drop in African American and female recruits (WP | eb)


  • Team to conduct inquiry into checkpoint shooting (AFIS)
  • Military investigation into checkpoint deaths begins (USAT eb)
  • Italy says shooting was an accident, but demands investigation (WP | eb)
  • "Italy's ransom" Editorial (WSJ eb)
  • Bush: The fledgling democracy in Mideast is essential to defeating terrorism (WP | eb)
  • Critics of Iraq policy admit to benefits (WT | eb)
  • Insurgency weakening, Iraqi security forces growing stronger (AFIS)
  • Baghdad mayor calls for reduced presence of U.S. troops (WT | eb)
  • Coalition, NATO training leaders for Iraqi forces (AFIS)
  • U.S. military may return Abu Ghraib facility to Iraqis (NYT | eb)
  • Estonian soldiers team up with armor unit to keep supply routes safe (ARNEWS)


  • Commission report will say U.S. has inadequate intelligence on Iran (NYT | eb)
  • French foreign minister seeks U.S. support on arms issue (NYT | eb)
  • Iraqi Shiite women seeking gender equality push Islamic law (WSJ eb)
  • Coalition members get head start on women's day (CENTCOM News)
  • Soldier's meet with Uzbeks for women's day (ARNEWS)
  • House Appropriations Committee approves special spending bill (LAT | eb)
  • Pacific, Korea commanders talk transformation at Senate (AFIS)
  • U.S. military footprint in Europe changing to meet strategy (AFIS)
  • Rumsfeld officially launches 2005 QDR (ID eb)
  • Military news channels airs on public outlets (SPT | eb)


  • Lebanon's president to push for new government (Aljazeera)
  • 19 bodies found near Iraq, Syria border (BBC)

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