Friday March 4, 2005

U.S. Army Active Component and Reserve Component Recruiting and Retention - Mar. 2005

Our continued recruiting and retention successes are a testament to the citizen-patriots of America who enlist and reenlist in the Army.

FY 2005 Recruiting Missions: Active Army 80,000; Army Reserve 22,175; Army National Guard 63,002

Fiscal Year 2005 Year-to-date: As of Feb. 28, we have recruited 27,362 Soldiers for the Active Army and 5,587 for the Army Reserve. Through the end of January, the National Guard achieved 76% of its Year-to-Date enlisted accession mission of 16,835.

o Recruiting is always challenging and we are facing an even greater challenge given the current environment. However, we expect to see improvement by the end of the fiscal year based on multiple recruiting initiatives, such as increased incentives and increases in recruiter strength.

o There may be some months that we do not attain our accession missions. We expect that there are going to be peaks and valleys, but our eye is always on the year-end target.

FY 2005 Retention Missions: Active Army 64,162; Army Reserve 16,248; Army National Guard 32,570

Fiscal Year 2005 Year-to-date: Through Mar. 2, Active Army has reenlisted 28,336 Soldiers (99.6% of YTD glide path) and through the end of January, Army Reserve has reenlisted 5,257 Soldiers (96.7% of YTD glide path) and Army Guard has reenlisted 9,652 Soldiers (97.6% of YTD glide path).

o The Army is cautiously optimistic that we will make this year's Active Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard retention missions.

o We're going to need to pay continuing attention and give a lot of support to the families of these Soldiers. We recruit Soldiers, but we retain families.


March is Women's History Month. Learn about the service and sacrifice of America's women Soldiers at the U.S. Army Center of Military History's website Women in the U.S. Army and the Army Women's Museum.


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  • Saudi leader tells Syria to leave Lebanon or face deeper isolation (Aljazeera)
  • U.K. warns Syria of 'pariah' status if it does not leave Lebanon (BBC)
  • Syrian President to address his country's Parliament tomorrow (Jerusalem Post)

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[The] recruiting and retention of Soldiers is not just an Army challenge, it is a challenge for our country. Every one of us in both the military and Congress must do our part to emphasize to our young people the importance of service to the country. (Transcript)

Dr. Francis J. Harvey
Secretary of the Army


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