Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology) - System of Systems Engineering and Integration


Deliver holistic operational capability and information dominance to our Soldiers by providing system of systems engineering, integration, evaluation and fielding across materiel portfolios.



1 Carter Departs Middle East, Completes Trip
2 NSA Holds 16th Annual Cyber Defense Exercise
3 Carter Proposes Changes to Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986
4 Carter Speaks With Troops Aboard USS Blue Ridge
5 DoD Announces New OIR Medal
6 Carter Promotes Force of the Future Initiative
7 SecDef Travels - Asia Pacific Rebalance
8 DoD Announces New Tech Partnership
9 NFL Executive Provides Tips on Getting Ahead
10 DoD News Now: 770 Miles to Honor Their Brothers
11 DoD News Now: This Defines a Hero
12 Celebrating Women’s History Month
13 DoD News Now - ISIL: On the Run
14 Carter Thanks Troops in Afghanistan
15 Coalition, Peshmerga Forces Combine to Repel ISIL Attack
16 Obama: Terrorists Will Have No Safe Haven
17 Defense Department Looks to Improve Suicide Prevention Programs
18 Defense Department Makes Changes to Syria Train and Equip Mission
19 Work Praises Navy’s Fleet Ballistic Missile Program
20 Investigation Ongoing for Recent Airstrike in Kunduz
21 SECDEF Praises Servicemembers for Their Work
22 Defeating ISIL
23 GEN Milley Testifies to SASC for Nomination
24 Soldier Shares Rich Paratrooper History
25 Defense Secretary Views Demonstration of Airborne Capabilities
26 82nd Airborne Division Supports Global Response Force
27 Airmen Support Soldiers in Airborne Operations
28 Defense Department Faces Diverse and Persistent Cyberspace Threats
29 Sequestration Threatens Military Health Readiness
30 Asia-Pacific Rebalance Moves Key Technology and People to Region
31 Deputy Defense Secretary Speaks at Army War College
32 Communities Embrace Month of the Military Child
33 Afghan Forces Take On Security Role
34 USMC Musuem Breaks Ground for Expansion
35 Coast Guard Medevac Stranded Sailor
36 F-15 Fighters Arrive in the Netherlands
37 Defense Department Focuses on Improved Transition for Service Members
38 Defense Department Adapts to Remain Relevant
39 Carter Continues Future of the Force Discussion
40 Carter Commits to Force of the Future
41 Carter Speaks to Soldiers about Retention
42 Defense Department's Diversity Offers Robust View
43 SECDEF Discusses the Force of the Future
44 President Obama Discusses Future of Afghanistan
45 U.S. and Afghan Leaders Meet to Discuss Partnership
46 Ghani Thanks U.S. Service Members
47 Defense Department Celebrates Women in the Military
48 ADM Haney Discusses Strategic Climate
49 Dempsey Praises T.A.P.S for Keeping Sense of Family
50 Secretary Of The Navy Testifies On Fiscal Year 2016 Defense Budget