173rd Airborne

U.S. Army 173rd Airborne Brigade | Sky Soldiers


The mighty 173rd Airborne Brigade just completed SWIFT RESPONSE, a major multi-brigade operation in Hohenfels, Germany with Airborne and Air Assault forces from across 10 different NATO nations. CSM Velez and I are incredibly proud of our Sky Soldiers and their performance in this challenging and rigorous exercise. We recently transitioned to live fire training in Grafenwoehr where we will test nearly all of our battalions under day and night live fire conditions. Your Sky Soldiers are excited to be in the field and look forward to platoon and company level live fires. As 1-91 CAV returned from an outstanding training deployment across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania last week, we expect that the remainder of the brigade with complete live fire training at this end of this month and return back to Vicenza. 4-319 FA has been supporting all of our battalions with artillery fires and will recover to Main Post Grafenwoehr at the end of the month as well. I can't thank our families enough for the support that they provide their paratroopers while they are training away from home. Know that your Sky Soldiers are building training readiness with each day that they are away, preparing to answer our Nation's call. Our training across Europe is particularly important as we reassure our NATO Allies and deter the aggression of our adversaries. You all play a critical role in this assurance and deterrence and I thank you for sending your paratrooper each day to serve. Sky Soldiers!James B. Bartholomees COL, IN Commander, 173rd IBCT (A)