U.S. Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame

U.S. Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame

U.S. Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame

U.S. Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame


The U.S. Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame was established in 2000 to provide a lasting and visible means of honoring Army Public Affairs personnel who have made lasting and significant contributions to the Army Public Affairs profession. Additionally, through the achievements of inductees who have served during periods of conflict and peace, the Hall of Fame serves to educate the current generation of Public Affairs practitioners on the history of Army Public Affairs, inspiring them to build upon the achievements of these honored professionals.

Since inception, the Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame has honored the service of military and government civilian employees who have served from World War I through U.S. efforts to deter Russian aggression in the Baltic Region of Europe. The achievements and impact of each inductee are preserved on their individual page.

Selection Process

On behalf of the Chief of Public Affairs, the Sergeant Major of Army Public Affairs manages the nomination and selection process.

Nomination packets are accepted throughout the calendar year. The Sergeant Major of Army Public Affairs convenes a selection panel during the first quarter of each calendar year. The Chief of Public Affairs notifies inductees of their selection and then makes a public announcement.


Nominees must be military or government civilian U.S. Army Public Affairs professionals who have been retired from active federal service for at least three years.

  • Exceptions are considered for departure for reasons other than retirement.
  • Nominations for deceased personnel are not bound by the three-year rule.

Nominees must have distinguished themselves through significant and lasting contributions to the profession, history or traditions of the U.S. Army or the U.S. Army Public Affairs career field.

Nominees who did not retire from active federal service must have served for a minimum of 15 years. These nominees must have an approved exception from the Sergeant Major of Army Public Affairs.

  • Nomination Form (PDF - 235KB)
  • Submission Note: If using Adobe Acrobat, click top right buttons 'Enable All Features' and 'Highlight Existing Fields' if present. Then, fill out the form and email it to the OCPA Sgt. Maj. once it is completed.