What is Meet Your Army?

Meet Your Army (MYA) is a HQDA-driven Total Force outreach initiative to bridge the civilian and military divide. The Office of the Chief of Public Affairs’ (OCPA) Outreach Division runs this initiative to connect with the American public, educate community and business leaders, and inspire youth to serve.

What is Meet Your Army Virtual?

In the age of social distancing, our goals remain the same. Now, MYA is focused on using virtual space by leveraging the broadcasting power of digital channels and the creativity of our digital teams to continue showcasing our stories and building our relationships within communities. Our engagements are categorized in the following ways: • Educational: Our talented professionals can offer augmentation to distance learning through their expertise in relevant academic fields. • Inspirational: Share positive stories of how our Soldiers and senior leaders are defending our nation and helping others in our communities. • Experiential: Provide insight into life in the Army, past and present, through virtual tours of historical sites, training, or interviews within our Soldiers. • Engagement: Seek Center of Influence (COI) events for our senior leaders to participate over a digital environment.


1 What’s Your Warrior? | Join Forces | GOARMY | Commercial
2 What’s Your Warrior? | Join Forces | GOARMY | Commercial
3 What’s Your Warrior | Dominate | GOARMY | Commercial
4 What’s Your Warrior? | Unamos Fuerzas | GOARMY | Comercial
5 What’s Your Warrior | Explore | GOARMY | Commercial
6 What’s Your Warrior | Calculate | GOARMY | Commercial
7 What’s Your Warrior | Emprende | GOARMY | Comercial
8 What’s Your Warrior | Domina | GOARMY | Comercial
9 What’s Your Warrior | Achieve | GOARMY | Commercial
10 What’s Your Warrior | Predict | GOARMY | Commercial
11 What’s Your Warrior | Descubre | GOARMY | Comercial

Contact Us

Headquarters, Meet Your Army Team Pentagon, Washington, DC Email: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-ocpa.mbx.meetyourarmy@mail.mil

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